Which Balenciaga red and blue looks closest to...

  1. [​IMG]


    to Louis Vuitton's myrtille/blueberry and New Red?

    I am thinking that the red looks closer to true red/rouge vif (instead of 03 red and rouge theater) while I have no clue about the blue...maybe Balenciaga's blueberry since they share the same name??? :P

    I am on a blue and red kick right now and since I've been buying LV longer than Balenciaga (bag count: tons of LV to maybe one Balenciaga), it'd be interesting to see how the colors match up!
  2. mas, I would say:

    LV myrtille = Bbag ink

    LV New Red = Bbag rouge vif
  3. For blue I would say navy and for red I would say rouge vif.
  4. ^I second that, Valerie!
  5. ^^me too!
  6. I also would agree with Valerie, as I have both the Epi Myrtille and Balenciaga Blue Roi, and I must say that the Myrtille is not as hmm, well Blue, as the Blue Roi. :confused1:I should not have even commented, because now I am tyring to think how to best descride it. But I love both bags, and would never ever part with them:yes:
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