Which Balenciaga messenger ?

  1. Hi! I am new to Balenciaga and I just bought myself a messenger (I'm a guy) on eBay but the problem is I don't know which color I like the best?

    Can someone please tell me what is the name of this model?

    From which season is the bag from? (Both Olive and Aqua)

    What is the retail of the bag?


    untitled.JPG untitled2.JPG
  2. I think this bag is more often called a men's day (to be distinguished from the flat messenger). It is a current style and has been around for a while, I think. You should be able to get more info in the bal. reference section.
  3. personally, i prefer the olive - it's from 05 and the leather is thicker and the color saturation is a lot richer. it is called the men's Day or messenger - the FLAT messenger is a different bag. sorry, i don't remember what it retailed for :confused1:
  4. Thanks TXGIRL! :smile:
  5. Thanks Nicole I got the Olive finally YAY! Do you mean the leather is thicker on the Olive Day? I think this retails for 595 Euro. :smile:
  6. yes, the leather is def better on the olive!! i have an Olive Day bag (womens) and the color is super saturated and rich and the leather is TDF!:love:
  7. i like the olive
  8. hi, i just got your PM. personally, i would pick the teal (aqua) simply because the olive is closely similar to my taupe. but you can't go wrong with either colour. congrats!
  9. Hi Flyingkid, I've a men's day thats very similar to the blue. Its a tealish blue. And my paper tag says 2006 1 which means its from Spring 06.
    The Olive looks abit dark so i'm not sure, it may be Vert Fonce from Fall 07. But if its Olive, then its from Fall 05.
    The leather from 05 are generally considered the best so far.
    So congrats on your choice and enjoy! :tup:
  10. I will receive the bag tomorrow so I will keep you guys updated. I am soooooooooooo excited. This is my B bag!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. GOT MY FIRST BALENCIAGA TODAY! I finally know why you guys are so mad about it. IT IS TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The olive green is stunning and I didnt realise how spacious the DAY bag can be!!!

    The paper tag says
    2006 1 141175 D94AY 444

    The inner stamped tag says
    141175 3444

    This is not the 2005 Olive?!