Which Balenciaga bag? r/o

  1. Mini Bowler in dark red or the city in dark red.
    I'm leaning towards the mini bowler only because I might get the city in black at a later date and I'd hate having duplicates but honestly I prefer the city however I'm not sure if the red would be overwhelming in a big size like the city.

    Picture of the mini bowler in red - CLICK LINK



  2. love the reds, i'd have to say the mini bowler, cause it's such a unique shape. i'm not a huge fan of the city though - i know that sounds crazy, but it's just so strappy. the mini bowler looks gorgeous in red - go for it! :yes:
  3. I like the city :yes:

    I like the bowler too, but it doesn't look very comfortable to carry to me.
  4. I don't think dark red (grenat? rouge theatre?) will be overwhelming on a city. I've got a bright red (rouge vif) city and I love it! Definitely not overwhelming, well at least not for me...

    as for the mini bowling, get it only if you really like the shape. Have you tried it on before? Personally I like it too, but somehow it looks a little strange on me, and that's why I still haven't gotten one. Try it on if you can before deciding.
  5. I'm the same...mini bowler:graucho:
  6. I love the city.
  7. Mini-bowling for me too :yes:

    Despite its name, the mini-bowling isn't much smaller than the City anyway ;)
  8. ITA! I own a grenat city and the thought that the color would be too much has never crossed my mind... It goes very well with every outfit I think :yes:
  9. Does it make a difference that I might get a city in black in the near future.
    Is the grenant city okay for the workplace as well? I wear suits a lot :sad:
  10. If the city is a style you love you'll be me more than happy to have it in different colors. I believe the city is a better match with a suit whereas the miniB has more of a sporty style IMO. Good Luck with your decision!
  11. i vote for the city :p
  12. If you're going to be using it a lot for work in a slightly more formal environment, then I'd definitely vote for the City.
  13. The Mini Bowler is adorable. There's one on eBay right now for a very reasonable amount...and I know for a fact that the person who has bid $695 is NOT going to offer a higher bid.

    I know this because the bidder is me! LOL

    I put the bid in and since then have decided it's hard enough for me to carry the 6 bags I have -- a 7th is only going to be worse. So if I get it for $695, great, I'll be happy with the bargain and will enjoy the addition to my collection. But I'm not going above that.
  14. Grenat goes well with any outfit and RED is the new neutral .
  15. I'm a fan of city...go for that...if u decide on the actual style, don't forget to share and post the pics here!