Which balenciaga bag are you wearing today? (2)

I resisted the Day for years til this year and can't believe what I've been missing out on all these years! :drool:
Is this Chocolate?

Thats my only negative about Days -- unless you have the tags, there's little way to know what season's its from
It is. You do pretty much have to go by colour to figure out the season which can be pretty challenging!
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I hoped they’ll be keeping it at least for a few days…
I was pretty confused this morning, reading here. I thought I was in the wrong place but the web address was right. It took me a bit to realize what’s happening, April Fool’s. 😁 But it is so much fun, I want more of it LOL.
I kept trying to edit my post, couldn't understand how I could have written "they be creepy"..