Which Balenciaga...and a question!!

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  1. hey i think ive *finally* saved enough money to buy a designer bag, i need something i can stuff loads of stuff in, being a student and all, and although i didnt like balenciagas at first theyre growing me! BUT do you guys reckon that this bag with stay a classic or will be one of those IT bags that just stays around 1 season never to be seen again??

    also which type balenciaga bag do you reckon? the city is looking good so far!:rolleyes:
  2. I had the same issues about buying the bag. I didn't want to spend the $$$ for a bag I would feel weird carrying after a few months.
    But, I got a First and I wear it all the time.

    Many of the styles have been around for a while and still are very popular so I think ithey can be considered classic.
  3. If balenciagas were the one season miracle noone would wear them after 2003... I think they're really well made. If you want a classic get one in the regular hardware... I'm also a student and the city is a great size. Some days even the first is fine, size-wise... Colors I would suggest are black and any beige-light brown color which are the ultimate basics, or otherwise you could buy one in a color that's a staple for *you*... eg many many pfers adore ink which is a dark blue purplish color... It could help to browse the wearing your bbags thread. Hope this helps!
  4. I am a student, too, and think the City, Purs and Work are the best bags for uni. I am sure you won't regret getting a BBag! They are not a trend but a classic and I ONLY wear BBags these days- they are just perfect in quality and style!:yes:
  5. well i think bbags have entered classic status because they've been around for a while now and they're still hot. SInce you're a student, i'd suggest the work it's a good size and hold a lot for school. notebooks and even a small laptop.
  6. Just like monogram is Louis Vuitton's signature style, IMO motorcyle is Balenciaga's.

    Every major fashion house has its own classic line of handbags that people just can't get enough of. But of course there'll be the usual ebb and flow. All in all, if you get great use out of the bag, the color is a classic color, and the bag is very functional- this bag will probably be a part of your wardrobe for a long time to come.

    When you put so much money into a handbag, you really have to love it. Don't expect to profit from your handbag, but I think you'll enjoy yours.
  7. I agree - I only just got into them, and they are definitely a classic, and they look good for any occasion!
  8. I have one (07 black city) and I think it is a classic for me. I really like the size of the city because there is a lot of room and it has a shoulder strap. Good luck on whatever one you get.

  9. yayy congrats on getting a new balenciaga...
    i think that depends oon your taste, i think a city would be great. it's big enough, but if u need something a tad bigger, a work would be a great bag to carry more stuffs.

    i think this bag is def. a classic, it's been around for years. it's still here when most other "IT" bags don't stay anymore.
  10. Balenciaga will never go out of style & retain their value. I would look for a City or Work size bag. Make sure you choose a stand out colour like 07 Aquamarine, Vert Gazon, 06 Blueberry or any of the reds. There are some great pics of LiLo carrying her Work size bags in the celebrities thread. It will give you a good idea on how much you can stuff into one and how to carry the look!
  11. I think balenciaga is a "classic". I don't think I'll ever buy another bag besides a balenciaga anymore :yes: I just love how they can go with casual wear or more dressy wear. They're very versititle. Also, they seem to keep their value... alot of times I see 3yr old bags being sold for MORE than retail on eBay even!

    I think a city would definitely be a good investment :p What color are you thinking about??
  12. I think the city is one of the best everyday bags, and can carry a lot. The work however is capable of holding even more.....so if you anticipate having to tote a lot of stuff around during the day, a work might be more practical.
  13. I think so long as you aren't buying a Balenciaga for the wrong reasons (ie it's trendy, popular, etc), it really shouldn't matter either way. At worst, you'll be wearing a high-end, beautifully made bag that you love.

    I'm typically more concerned with passing a half dozen people on the street with the exact same bbag on a daily basis. It hasn't really been a problem in the cities I've lived in since my BBag obsession started (Athens, Chicago), but I'm moving to NY next year and the notion of passing ten people a day with BBags doesn't sit too well.
  14. I dont see it as an IT-bag because it has been around for years and has not grown tired in my opinion. Get a city or a part time, or maybe a work
  15. What about a messenger. Very studenty.....and can be worn with the strap over your head and across your chest.