which bal access is your fave and why?

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which bal access?

  1. porte monnaie

  2. mini purse aka coin purse

  3. compagnon

  4. mini compagnon

  5. money

  6. toilet

  7. planet

  8. ghost

  9. chain drawstring

  10. make up

  11. shoulder

  12. pochette

  13. clutch

  14. aulmoniere

  15. shoe bag

  16. oval

  17. large toilet case

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok, let's take aside the fact about the rarity or price, but which bal-access you like the most?

    and is it of the shape? the size? or the functionality?


    mini purse aka coin purse


    mini compagnon


    toilet aka pocket

    planet aka boobie

  2. chain drawstring

    make up





    shoe bag

  3. large toilet case

    btw, i'm making this poll that allows us to pick more than one. :yes:

  4. i vote for

    mini purse : it's very functional

    ghost : i love the shape, and it's a CLUTCH! :smile:

    chain drawstring : because it's just soo cute, the combination of the shape and the chain is just smart!

    clutch : do i really have to explain this? :p
  5. porte monnaie
    mini purse
    make up
  6. I vote for planet beacause it's really "Bal" IMO...with the Ghost...
    I can't explain why...just a feeling...

    But I must confess I don't have a single Bal accessory...
  7. mini purse love it for my money!
    planet what a great shape
    make up for all my beauty stuff is a perfect size!
  8. Money wallet. The way it expands when you open it, the design, it really is a perfect wallet. Love it!
  9. I'd have to say toilet and planet (boobie) are my favorites b/c they're so darn cute! I also like the coin purse.
  10. Mini purse, it's not too big nor too small!
  11. mini (coin) purse for its multi-functionality...
    I use it as either a wallet or a mini clutch to hold my phone, makeup, etc.
  12. I like the shoulder.
  13. Clutch - would love love one, wish it was still sold
    Oval -just bought it in greige
    Coin Purse - bought it in grey
    Mini Coin Purse - so cute, wish they still made it
    Planet - " "
  14. Money - because it's what I have at the moment :yahoo:
    M/U Clutch - because I hope to have one before the summer comes :nuts:
    Coin Purse - because fashion_cult says I just have to have one! :p
  15. These are my picks:
    Coin Purse - I just got 2 and they are SO handy and cute!
    Makeup - because they can be used in your bag or as a clutch
    Pouchette - I have a Magenta one so I like it because it's big and BRIGHT!
    Toilet - Very useful when traveling and for everyday use