Which Bags?

  1. I'm going to Target tomorrow to pick up a bag from the Rafe collaboration and my Mom is bringing me back a Vera Bradley bag from her trip to Boston. I don't know which ones I want though. For the Rafe I was thinking either the Hobo- http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/ref=br_1_8/601-2098788-5390508?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=1&asin=B000GLS1D6
    or the stachel Target : Rafe® for Target® Satchel - Vanilla
    For the Bradley I'm leaning towards the Java Blue handbag verabradley.com - Vera Bradley - Java Blue or the New Hope handbag verabradley.com - Vera Bradley - New Hope any suggestions?
  2. I prefer the hobo for the Rafe...and I know alot of people here don't like the Vera Bradley bags, but I absolutely LOVE the Java Blue fabric. So that's my choice. Good luck choosing!
  3. Like krispin, I'd prefer the hobo and the Java Blue.
  4. Ditto:heart:
  5. i like the Rafe hobo as well...
  6. I got to say I wasn't super impressed with the Rafe target brand. I was all excited to go get the clutch and when I got to target I thought it looked a lot bigger then I expected from the picture, and it was plastic looking, and in my opinion poor craftmenship. Maybe you'll like it...but I felt the need to caution you to curb your Rafe excitement. I wish I had...I think I went in expecting like a high end designer purse and when I saw it I was let down.
  7. i like the first bag!