Which Bags will you NEVER part with?!?!

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  1. Okay ... I know some of you are on the same page as me ... with each season, comes a new bag(s) that you covet. As a result, you might have to part with some "oldies" to make room (or get the $$$) for the "newbies"!!

    Which bags will you NEVER sell?

    For me:
    1. Balenciaga Black Voyage (with corresponding Key/Coin Pod & Moto Bag) and Pink Metallic City Classique (LOVE :love: :love: my Pink Metallic - waited SO long for that bag!)
    2. L/V 40" Speedy (a classic which will never go out of style)
    3. Any of my Hermes Birkin Bags :love:
    4. Chloe Large-size Tan Python Silverado (my "new" baby!)
    5. Fendi Spy Bags (Sequin, Cognac & Teal)
    6. Anna Trzebinski Masai Hobo from Africa
    I'm sure I have others, but these are the ones that I have been using the most as of late ... how about you?!!?
  2. never say never - but this year I sold a Gucci, a Dior, a rare vintage Chanel coin purse and a Juicy Couture - I WANT THEM ALL BACK!! - I am so sorry I sold them. I swear the bags I have now I will keep, keep, keep. (no matter what).
  3. ceejay, do you have pics of the pink metallic balenciaga? i was thinking that would be super pretty, but can't decide if it would be irrational for me.
  4. Here you go Fayden ...



    This bag, I was later told, was made specifically for Barney's NY for the 2004 Holiday Season only. So, it's a rare bird! Balenciaga also made an Orange and Red Metallic -


    (this is a picture of a friend's bag - I have the clutch in this color). As you can see, the Red had more of an Orange cast to it. In my opinion, the Pink Metallic was the best of the lot! Never fails ... I get tons of compliments on my Pink baby!
  5. Ceejay,
    I would love to see all of your collection:nuts:. I wish I could keep all my bags but I tend to recycle them for something new.
    I definetely will never let go my lanvin vintage kansas, my 04' black city balenciaga. The leather is scrumptious and my green spy.
  6. My Chanel Ligne Cambon Multi Pocket Reporter Bag, but to be honest, I've never gotten rid of a bag.
  7. At this point I can say I will not part with:

    1 - Chloe silverado Dr bag

    2 - LV monogram matte leather (that they don't seem to produce anymore because I can't find the name on their website.) It is shaped like a square bowler/lunch box. I don't even like it; but, how I came to own it is the reason I would not let it go.

    3 - Carlos Falchi barrel bag in black with brown stitching (the leather on a CF is amazingly soft and thick all at the same time) the best bag for under $400 I ever bought.
  8. Bobjue ... seriously?!?! :shame:

    I want the Chanel Ligne Cambon Multi-Pocket Reporter bag!!! It would be perfect for me (I travel quite a bit - to/from the US to Europe)! I love that bag!
  9. My LV's - just can't bare to sell them. Nope
    My Carlos Falchi messenger
  10. Yeah, I love all my bags, I even ship them in for repairs when they get worn out. My Chanel must be my biggest purchase yet. It'll be great for you if you travel. It's HUGE! When I bought it, I told the sales lady I can keep all my baby's stuff in there, but now that I have it, I can't risk having my baby's bottle 'accidentally' spill in there!!! BAD MOMMY!

    Where do ppl sell them off anyways, EBAY?
  11. My whiskey paddington, LV damier papillon, LV speedy and my D&B "it" collection bag. My mom bought me the D&B for my birthday two years ago, so it means a lot to me :love: I am buying her an LV Cabas Piano for Mother's Day, I am excited about it already!
  12. I don't have (yet) any high end bags like most of you guys have but the only bag that I can't part with is my Burberry barrel bag. It was a grad gift from parents so it means alot to me. :love:
  13. The kate spade and Coach bags my BF got me.
  14. I could never never imagine parting with any of my bags. My collection is too priceless! I would never sell any of my bags or give them away, though I do let my sister borrow them but that is only because she will respect them as I do.
  15. Cristina,
    Nice choice for a Mother's Day gift. Just make sure you buy the Cabas Piano before LV's next scheduled price hike. I think they ususally increase their prices twice a year and I believe (don't quote me) the next one is in either late Feb or March.