Which Bags will you keep forever?

I would like to believe that this will happen for me now!! However, it hasn't every in the past since I always find a new "love" bag.....My new Hermes bags though, and my Lanvin, and my Balenciaga are top on my list today!
My LV's (Bat. Horizontal, Speedy, Petit Bucket), my MJ Sophia's (black and white). These days, I'm trying to stick to bags that will have endurance, so hope to add more of these "forever" bags to the list.
Oh...I think I'm attached to most of my bags. But at the top (right now) are my Chanels, my LV Mizi Vienna and Cerise Sac Plat. Those are the ones I can't imagine ever selling. Also Hermes: when I finally get mine! :o)
i'm pretty sure i will be keeping all my bags, i sold one and regretted it b/c there is always a time when they can be put into use! plus they are mostly all gifts so i would never dream of selling due to sentimental value.