Which bags to take to Florida...

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  1. We're going to Ft. Lauderdale for just 4 days in early December and I'm trying to decide which bags to take. We're throwing a party for BF's Mom so we are probably going to be helping with setup/take down and won't have a LOT of extra time to go out clubbing, as much as I want to make the trek to South Beach....anyway...

    I'm trying to decide on a couple bags (one large, one smaller) to withstand travel, humidity and be versatile enough too for casual occasions and a neutral wardrobe. Can you help me decide on one big and one small? I want to leave enough packing room for shopping just in case :graucho: .

    Bigger bags are either:
    Zucca B. Fendi
    Saleya PM

    Smaller bags are either:
    Chloe paddy clutch
    Mono pochette

    I'm definitely bringing my black fendi sunnies...is it too much with both fendi bag AND sunnies together? I'm hoping not :shrugs: . TIA :love:

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  2. I would do the Saleya and either of the other two...can you put the Chloe on your shoulder? Pochette might edge the Chloe out because you can fit it on your shoulder.
  3. saleya because it's bigger, and chloe because it's cuter
  4. I'm gonna be no help in actually choosing one.. but I can give opinions... this is tough... The saleya is bigger so if you'll be carrying lots during the day that'd be better plus it makes a better carryon purse. But I like the look of the fendi b for the day better. I guess cuz it's fabric I feel like it's more suitable but that might be b/c in my head I associate damier with bad weather! As for the small I'd either go with the MC pochette or the chloe clutch b/c your larger bag will already be brown so you probably won't some colour variety in there to mix things up.

    Have fun in ft lauderdale! I LOVE that place!
  5. ^^ thank you all SO much! LOL, jadecee I agree the damier is perfect bad weather bag, but I also agree with the others that it's better for travel/carry on.

    OK, the Chloe clutch is a definite go, now I guess I'll try on outfits and see which bag is better. Oh, the decisions!

    Plus, more drama...now I may have to rethink the wardrobe and not bring shorts because I fell recently and have very embarrassing bruised/skinned knees which are healing but not fast enough. I don't want to be the "girlfriend with the bruised knees" on this trip since I'll be meeting lots of BF's family for the first time ;)

    Anyway, I can't wait and thanks for your helpful posts!!! XXXOO