Which bags to bring on holiday....

  1. Hi, tomorrowmorning I'll be leaving to our summerretreat, it is a 3,5 hour drive. I think of bringing 4 bags, for daytime and nighttime. Which one? Choices:

    Kelly 32 Etoupe,
    Kelly 32 Black box with burgundy wool
    Kelly 32 box noisette
    Birkin 35 Gold togo
    Mini Kelly Dark Brown suede
    BJ Lindy
    BJ mini Plume
    Croc Sport Kelly (green)
    Picotin PM (blue)
    Gold Evelyn
    Havana Bolide
    Hermes Beach Bag striped orange/white

    I think I'm pretty sure taking my Bolide, as it is such a handy travelbag anyway.

    Where we will be going is a small town in the mountains, there are some nice outings in the night occasionally, mostly we will be going to the pool and going to the resort.
  2. hk, decisions, decisions. ;) Besides the Bolide, I would take:

    Kelly 32 Etoupe,
    Birkin 35 Gold togo
    Mini Kelly Dark Brown suede
    BJ mini Plume

    I know that's one more than you wanted to bring.
    I would probably take them all, you never know what you're
    going to need. ;)
  3. I'd take Bolide, Lindy, beach bag and the mini plume.

    Bolide for travelling around.
    Lindy for sightseeing (shoulder carry) and casual evenings (hand carry)
    Beach bag for everything else
    Mini-plume for night
  4. I Wished I could bring them all too:smile: The rest of the family wants to bring stuff too unbelievable :nuts:

    Yes I will bring the Gold birkin and the little ones are just easy to bring.

    I just won the Amazonia GP which will be on its way to my summer address:smile:.

    So will it be my Noisette or my Etoupe Kelly....
    hmmm just a couple of hours to decide..
  5. Blue Jean Lindy for sure. So light and functional!
  6. Yes the Lindy... I think I have to bring an extra bag :smile:
  7. I just received a coupe days ago.... and very anxious to break her in:smile:
  8. Bolide or Birkin
    Evelyne or Kelly Sport in case you need hands free
    Beach Bag
    Mini Plume
  9. thanks everyone:smile:

    I have packed
    Mini Plume
    BJ Lindy
    Kelly Etoupe
    Mini Kelly

    Okay 2 bags more than I wanted:smile:, I have the Amazonia coming, so I will leave the beach bag here:smile:

    Off I go in a couple hours for 2 months:smile:
  10. Congrats on the Amazonia, it was really pretty.
  11. Thanks I was looking for a big bag to put kids stuff as toys in and my own, I did one more purchase (i lost the massa:sad:.. There is another one up on eBay but not sure about authenticity.
  12. beachbag, gold togo birkin, lindy. toooooooo many choices!!!!!
  13. I wish I had that many choices....:nuts:
  14. I'm really sad to leave my other bags behind :sad:, but will be very happy to see them again:smile:
  15. Perfect choices.. but i would love to see these bags in action!! Please take loads of photos during your vacation!! :yes: