Which bags stay easily and firmly on your shoulder?


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
I recently bought a GST intending to use as a comfy shoulder bag perfect for work. However, i took it out yesterday and it would NOT stay on my shoulder. i tried it with different coats and sweaters, thinking it was the material of my clothes. i tried looping the outer handle under the inner one. Nothing worked, except when it was on my bare skin if i was wearing a tanktop or something. Needless to say, frustration and disappointment to the max. :cursing:

Now I'm just tired of uncomfortable bags :cursing:. I see all these women in this city with bags that seemingly stay perfectly on their shoulders so that it's almost like they're not there :confused1:

Can you guys tell me which bags you guys use that stay perfectly and easily on your shoulder, so that you just throw it on and no worries or fumbling with it for the day?


Feb 17, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
My Hayden-Harnett Havana Hobo seems to stay on my shoulders with no problem and I have slightly sloped shoulders, so sliding has always been a bit of an issue for me.

Hope that helps!


Apr 30, 2006
The ones I can grip with my elbow stay on. The skinnier the bag the better it stays on my shoulder, LV Matsy, LV Francoise stay up [very skinny bags], Coach Legacy Zip [wide grippy strap, not too wide a bag], Coach hobo clip [shorter strap fits me just right]. With me it has to do with geometry, closer the center of the bag is to my body the better it can stay up. Try out single strap, narrower and longer bags. I really need a bag that can be carried multiple ways, either shoulder, hand, cross body for long term carrying.


Dec 18, 2006
Well, all of my bags now stay on my shoulder now thanks to my ergopads. I have since bought them in every size and color. I just wish they made them in opaque tan and brown neutrals. But other than that, super nice product.


Sep 20, 2007
This is a sticking point with me too -- I may love everything about a bag, but if it won't stay put on my shoulder, that's a dealbreaker! After much searching, I found Belen Echandia's Love Me Mini and it's a close to my holy grail of bags as I've found. The shoulder straps, because they're wide & flat, stay on my shoulder very well yet the bag can still be carried by hand or on the elbow. Plus it comes with a detachable cross-body/messenger strap for yet another option!

I've also learned that for it to stay on my shoulder, the shoulder drop needs to be at least 7 to 8" in length and that flat handles stay on best (vs. rolled handles).


Hopelessly Addicted!
Jul 17, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii
I have a medium leather Coach carley and it kept slipping too. So, finally, I cut off the wider piece they put at the top of the strap, and now it never slips!