Which Bags should I get? Went to Coach Yesterday

  1. I am going crazy trying to decide what bags I would like to get during the PCE (crossing my fingers I get an invite). I am allowing myself to get two (maybe 3) as I have sold quite a few.

    Coach Belted Large Ergo Hobo - can't decide on color:
    Plum or Parchment

    Ergo Belted Magazine Tote in Plum

    Galleria Laced Tote in Coral red
    Can't decide if I want the North/South or East/West

    Carly in Chocolote Brown leather or Khaki Saddle (medium)

    The truth is I am on the fence with the Carlys. I keep going back and forth with this bag. I love the medium when I see it on others but on me I get the impression that it looks sloppy? Am I going nuts? I bought the large and had to sell it. I want to love it but I am just not sure!! I guess I need someone to tell me not to get it if it is not for me!

    The Coral Red is FABULOUS! so is the Plum! :nuts:

    What do you think of the color Tobacco? I love chocolate brown but I am just not sure of the Tobacco?

    Parchment is gorgeous. I went to Coach yesterday and was drooling over all the bags! :drool:

    Your thoughts are appreciated!
  2. Sorry, one more thing: Do you think the coral red bag in east/west will look too much like a work bag? That's why I am considering the north/south! Want something I can wear to work and on weekends! Thanks~
  3. OMG, you must be so confused!! I would def. buy an ergo, I love the plum color and I also love the parchment color, it's an all year round color IMO. I also think the laced tote is gorgeous! Probably the N/S. If you're on the fence with the Carly, I'd skip it. You should get the wow factor when you try on the bags you like!! Good luck!!!! :smile:
  4. I say buy them all and take them home and try them on and see what ones you like and dont like. Then return the others. That way the credit hits your CC the same month as the purchase.
  5. I feel your pain with the Carly. I might get a large Carly, hopefully with the PCE & take it home to see if it grows on me. I love the khaki/angora. The plum color is fabulous and very classy. I'm not a red girl, I tend to buy pinks, but if the reds grabs you, I say go for it!
  6. Carly is a must. It's a gorgeous bag. I have the medium khaki/saddle. As for the other one, seems like the coral made an impression so go for that one. My rule of thumb is if I can't sleep thinking about that one bag, I'll get it. Which one(s) keeps you thinking about it??? Post pics!
  7. I would get the belted hobo in plum, gallery tote n/s in red and the medium Carly in chocolate....this would give you a good variety.
  8. I feel your pain :sad: I have literally bought 2 large carlys and 3 medium ones and still don't know.. I LOVE the carly, and WANT to love the carly... but the slouchiness on the medium sometimes bothers me... the large slouches great but it is too big of a bag for me. :tdown: That being said I currently have the khaki/saddle medium and I adore her, but like I said the way it slouches bugs me SOMETIMES.. but that is what a carly does! I think it's just personal preference of bags. Sorry for rambling!!! :rolleyes:
  9. If you like the Ergo Belted Magazine Tote in Plum, why not get it and get the Belted Lg Ergo Hobo in Parchment so you have 2 completely different bags?
    I saw the Galleria Laced Tote in Coral red and it is really pretty. Go for the N/S if you get it.

    Someone posted pics of the Carly in Chocolote Brown leather and it wasn't too striking so I would eliminate that from the list.

    Hope these suggestions help!