Which bags should have LV locks?

  1. Just wondering... I recently purchased a Damier Mini Speedy (the teensy, tiny cutie-pie one:heart: ) from an eBay seller with an excellent reputation. I know it is not standard issue LV bag, but it was a special order and it was authenticated with no questions whatsoever by our own tpf authentication geniuses. :yes: However, I'm wondering about the lock business. The bag has those little tabs at the ends with the little holes in them, but no lock. Should it have come with a lock? Which bags do come with locks? Or, is that an add-on? I actually have a lock I purchased at an LV boutique a few years ago for an ALMA somewhere around here... would that be appropriate for this itsy bitsy bag?
  2. Hello there...the speedy supposed to come with the lock and key...I have it with my damier speedy when I bought it from the boutique.
  3. I had a window open for elux and they don't mention a lock for the HL and they do mention it for the speedy. Guess it doesn't come with a lock.

    If you like it, use it. I love those locks and put them on every bag that can possibly be locked.