Which bags for the Pomme D'Amour?

  1. Anyone know the complete list of bag names that the new colour comes in?
    Do you think they will make inclusion bangles in this colour?:nuts:
  2. I think it's on the sheet that stefania posted about the new line..it's all the bags that are currently out in the vernis right now :yes:
  3. Thanks. I thought they might've introduced a new style.:shrugs:
  4. The bags are: Reade PM, Brentwood, Houston, Roxbury Drive, Bedford and Lexington.
  5. Nah. I was kind of hoping they would but I guess not. Maybe since this color is "permanent," they eventually will.
  6. My SA told me that they were coming out with red inclusion...I don't know what shade of red though...
  7. i wish they came out with the pomme in the minna street!! i've been contemplating buying the minna eversince it came out...ho hum! i will eventually bite the bullet and bring her home hehe
  8. :sad: no malibu street
  9. It's a really cute bag, I have the Minna in framboise.
    What I'd like is a Minna in the new red with the heart coin purse hanging off it.:love:
  10. eeps! great minds think alike!! my plan is to get the perle minna with either the framboise or pomme heart hanging from it! :nuts: :yes: :heart:

    how do you like your minna? i have only seen one other lady with one...but its such a cute bag!
  11. I'm keeping the Minna as a nightime bag, I like that it can easily go across the body for hands free or will sit on the shoulder. I don't use any of my good wallets in it though as the opening is quite small and I worry they would scratch on the zip. If you don't carry much it would be a lovely daytime bag too!
  12. In my opinion it's a wonderful match pomme d'amour accessoires and white suhali bags, white vernis and denim bags!:yes:
  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Or POMME with Damier bags or PERLE with Myrtille Epi bags!
  14. I was hoping they would do the stillwood in the new red.. I love that bag.. oh well.. might just have to get the Brentwood
  15. I like any color on the denim, I yhink it will really perk it up :smile: