Which bags do you consider everyday bags?

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  1. Hello all

    I'm still new to LV and am wondering which bags do you consider everyday bags vs evening bags vs running quick errands bags. I'm trying to grow my collection and this will help me make better decisions as to which ones will be my next purchases. TIA!!
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  2. If you don't carry a lot, the Felicie Monogram is a great versatile bag.
  3. Regarding bags I own: Everyday bags - Totally, Delightful, Speedy 30. Quick running out bag - Eva. Evening/going out bag (not too formal) - Eva.
  4. Currently,
    my Everyday bag - Delightful MM in monogram
    my grab n go bag - Pochette NM in Damier Ebene
  5. neverfull , totally, and duomo are my everyday bags. My cles is my grab and go and occasionally my pochette.
  6. Everyday- Delightful pm Mono,Totally pm de
    Grab 'n go - Pochette nm in damier ebene, Epi Pochette nm noir
  7. For me, it would be the Neverfull MM and Speedy Bandouliere.
  8. Everyday: Speedy, Neverfull, Noé, Porte Document
    Errands: Saumur, Poche Toilette 26
    Evening: Pochette Accessoires, Roxbury Drive
  9. I think it depends on how much you carry on a daily basis.

    If you don't carry too much, I think a small canvas crossbody bag would be the way to go: Favorite MM, Pochette Metis, Mabillon, etc.

    If you carry a lot, then Neverfull, Delightful, Speedy / Speedy B would be very practical.

    My grab 'n go picks would be mini pochette & cles.

    As far as evening bags, Eva, St. Germain BB, Alma BB are my top choices.
  10. my everyday bag has to be big as lifestyle changed after had kids, so speedy b, neverfull.
    as a stay at home mum, I don't quite need grab n go bag, cause every time I go, I go with a lot of stuff...
    for evenings/weddings, thats very rare too, I have several small chain bags from other brands, use them only handful times a year, don't want spend a lot.
  11. Yes, it depends on how much you carry.

    Personally I think that Alma BB can be all of these (if you don't carry much). Bigger bags than Alma BB are everyday bags and smaller bags for quick errands/ evenings.

    Material is also something to take into consideration. As a rule of thumb I'd say that leather bags (empreinte, vernis, epi etc) are more suitable for evenings and formal events whereas canvas bags and also epi leather are more suitable for quick errands and casual events. But then again it also depends on the style of the bag, your outfit and your overall style.
  12. I think it really depends on your lifestyle, style preference, bag needs and current collection. I prefer the classics such as Speedy, Alma, Noe...I love my classic Speedy as a daily bag, but my style preference is hand held bags. For weekend shopping, casual dinner out, I love my Alma BB's. This little bag is functional, beautiful and very versatile for me. I also think it's nice to have different materials. Epi leather is beautiful and can be dressed up or down. While I stick to the LV classics, I choose colors and materials that reflect my personal style and complement my wardrobe.
  13. Neverfull, I have mine in DE which is fuss free. The GM size makes the tote very handy and I can toss literally anything into the tote.

  14. I'm sorry I should've mentioned I am a stay at home mom to a 3 year old and 6 month old so my everyday bags carry a lot. This is also the reason for me wanting separate errand bags because when I go out alone for coffee or the nail salon or grocery shopping I don't necessarily want to carry all that's in my everyday bags. Also on the rare occasions my husband and I get a date night would like to have the option of small and light , a little dressy but not too dressy as I don't even own a dress, skirt, or heels lol.
    I would like to know all 3 categories to expand each but not buy based on looks and not end up being able to use it because it don't fit in my lifestyle. Can't thank you all enough. You help so much in impacting my wish list ❤️
  15. Totally MM would be helpful. Large enough to toss in everything, side pockets for snacks for the kids. Zipper for security. Neverfull GM would be another option for you. Works well for travel and outings. Could probably hold your kids because it is so big.😜 for evening or on the run look at the new Felicie. While I love Eva, Felicie works as a wallet, clutch and small purse. You could easily use it as a wallet and toss it in the totally or neverful gm:smile: