Which bags did you buy just to have?

  1. Just cuz you had to have it because it was so beautiful or whatnot, but you wouldn't actually use it or use it very rarely?

    For me, I got the Pomme Roxbury Drive just because it was so beautiful and I had to have it, but I still haven't used it and will probably use it only rarely for special occasions.

    I also wanted the Yellow Tobago Carryall just to have because it is so :drool: . But I probably would rarely ever use it.

    My uncle bought the president's briefcase just to have that he rarely uses.
  2. I just purchased a yellow EPI Alma from let-trade. It wasn't on my must buy or wish list. I bought it because I thought it's a good deal and I like the bag, just not sure if I really love it! I think it's worthy to have though.
  3. my must have was the white speedy
  4. My brown/pink Cherry Blossom Retro and matching PTI... my museum pieces lol... :p both still brand new and I want to keep them that way
  5. You wont use it? :nuts:
  6. LOL @ "museum pieces"! Do you keep them in a glass display or something? :roflmfao:
  7. I don't like light colors but wanted something azur. Decided to get something small since I attract dirt, grime, scuffs...I ended up with the mini pochette in azur. It has never left its box. It was not a smart buy at all.
  8. I know what its like to need something from a line. When the pomme came out, I just had to have SOMETHING from the line! I also just had to have something cerises, so I bought a cles from eBay, not thinking I'd use it, but it turned out to be my most used LV piece! :nuts:

    The Azur mini pochette is cute!
  9. my 'collector's' pieces are Miroirs, but i still use it b/c it's too expsensive as a dust collector!
  10. I don't think I've ever seen you model your miroirs!
  11. mono riveting... i just HAD to have it... it's been a week and I havn't used it yet!
  12. Not really a bag but I'd say heart coin purse for me. Mine is still in a box. I only bought it because it's limited and cute.
  13. Lol none. I don't have money to waste, I buy my pieces to use.
    Even my Chinchilla Demi Lune has been used (albeit gently but still).
  14. I knew you'd say that! lol :p
  15. The Miroirs, Pandas and cerise.