Which bags come in Whisky?

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  1. I'm in love with the Whisky color. I'm not normally a leather fan (I'm a signature girl) but I am just in love with the whisky color.

    Which bags comes in this color? I know about the Ali and the satchel - is that all?

  2. Hey, there! The whiskey is beautiful so I can see why you'd love it! Let's see if I get them right: The Ali, Mandy, Satchel, Shoulder bag, Shoulder zip, Shoulder flap and the pouch. I think! And maybe the one that looks like the Ali but is skinny, the slim something... Don't know about the Hippie. Someone who knows better than me will surely post though!
  3. ^something like that, yeah.
  4. The shoulder bag did, I don't think they have it anymore.