Which bags came in brown on brown signature?

  1. I am looking for a bag that came in the brown on brown signature. I'm not sure what the exact color was called. I just think the brown is gorgeous, and the dark on dark gives it more of a professional look IMO for wearing on dress up work days. I've looked on eBay for ideas, and I really like the large soho flap. That is a cute bag in this color/style. I also see some duffles, but I think the soho would be a better choice for wear with brown suits.

    Were there any other cute bags made in this color combination? I'm talking about the rich chocolate brown signature. For reference, I'm usually a medium sized bag kind of gal. I have a small soho flap, and I love it, but I might look for slightly bigger for this bag. I just bought a legacy slim flap that is the perfect size.

    Any ideas ladies?
  2. Carly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's GORGEOUS in chocolate signature!!!!! and she comes in several different sizes too!
  3. The Carly!!!! I REALLY want that bag in chocolate! :smile:
  4. That's an issue for me. I'm not really a Carly fan. I love the signature bags, but I don't like the bigger C's on them. I wish Carly came with smaller prints.
  5. I have a medium hobo that's in chocolate signature & I love it
  6. With the chocolate signature Carly and the black signature Carly you cant really SEE the print...it is toned down drastically!!! Please visit our Carly Club site..you will see several pics of these bags...from a distance you cant even see the C's....they are really cute bags and slouch soooo nice!!!!!
  7. The New Ergo choc/chocolate Signature will be available to order in the tote and hobo in September. I think that these are great choices.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  8. YUP - that's what I'm waiting for!
  9. The Legacy shoulder bag comes in this chocolate signature. Its a nice medium sized bag.
  10. here it is....

  11. The Soho flap bags also came in a brown/brown signature print and I think this comes in a small and large size:

    Small version (10296):


    Large version (10297):

  12. cverhoff, do you own this particular bag? It is gorgeous and I've been drooling at that on the Coach website. Is it very heavy?
  13. ^^It's not heavy at all! The wide strap disperses weight on your shoulder.

    The background of it is actually very inky so you can wear it with black OR brown. They're GORGEOUS.
  14. No, I have the leather one in camel. (see pic on left) I couldn't decide between these two! The sig is not heavy at all.
  15. why do the colors of the legacy look different than on the flap. the c's look almost gold or is that just me?