which bags are passe in your opinion or will be soon??

  1. which bags do you gals think will be passe soon or are already passe?
    which ones are really hot or will remain hot for another season?
    I am talking about rather newer bags, not classics such as hermes bags........

    keep in mind, it´s june 2006:biggrin:

    passe(jmo)(or will be sometime soon):
    -lv cherries, panda, and soon to be:Perforated
    -fur bags of any kind(just think hermes, gucci and chanel all had stearlings last year).....I hope there wont be many stearling/fur bags coming season...
    -gucci pigna bags
    -golden and silver suhalis
    -spys in the FF logo canvas
    -blue goyard shoppers
    -birkin JPG shoulder birkins
    -gucci fabric in the brownish color(cant see it anymore)
    -dior logo messenger bags
    -dior gaucho in 2 color(denim leather combi)

    keepers of the season:

    - fendi b-bag(ONLY the tan one combinated with black patent)
    -spys in plain leather(black, brown, petrol...)
    -silverado in snakeskin
    -the guccissima leather in general
    -calvin klein bag(the one that LLO and many others have been spourting around...)

    Bags getting "in" again(or at least I am seeing many people wearing ehm again)

    -lv graffiti bags
    -discontinued vernis colors
    -white, green and orange goyard "keepall" bags
    -dior detectives in classic colors or exotic skin
    -lv laser
    -lv matt
    -dior street bags(with the multiple pockets to be put on the bag) in classic leathers and colors

    I´m sure I forgot several...

    please please post what you think!

    everyone is free to say his/her mind:smile:
  2. I don't think (and hope) Dior Street bags are really coming back...I see fakes everywhere:sick:
  3. I liked the Dior Gaucho at first, but it took me all of two weeks to get over it ... I'm SO glad that I didn't buy it!

    I stupidly bought a YSL XL Muse in Chocolate brown (thinking that I could use it for business travel) ... NOT ... I'm going to be putting it on eBay.

    I am not fond of any of the new L/V bags ... they all seem so contrived; is it just me?

  4. ^^Why is this stupid? I think the Muse seems like the hottest bag of the season and a classic one at that!

  5. did you sell it already? i'd love to see the large muse on a person. can you post a pic?
  6. Well....if you follow season by season.....definitely bags from the previous season will soon be passe the moment the next "it" bag appears.

    I think when it comes to buying, just buy what you really love & don't be scared of carrying it again even if it's way out of season. You've already spent tons of money on it already & there's a reason why you buy the bag in the 1st place anyway. You're not going to put the bags in the store room till they collect dust.

    On top of that, style is the most impt & the way you carry yourself. Everything else will just come into place.

    Don't be a trend follower. Create your own style.
  7. Birkin JPG shoulder birkins are still "IN". It's just that not many people can get their hands on it especially the special made-to-order ones. In fact, I myself can't get one & can't wait to own one.

  8. I think the LV multico frange line was passe before it even came out :P I apologize to the ladies that love it, but I think it looks hideous and way outdated. They should have come up with that line in the 1970s or 1960s, it probably would be more successful.
  9. Agreed! :yes: Please post pictures when you do get one!
  10. passe:

    balenciaga....sorry. this is because they were VERY VERY VERY in for the moment last year and again this year, but such hype only means downfall. kwim?
  11. gosh, i think even if a paddy will be passe soon, i still would like to own one..
  12. There is a HUGE interest on this board for Balenciaga, but every time I visit Barneys I am amazed at the vast number of Balenciaga bags available for sale. They certainly are not flying off the shelves and seem to be much more readily accessible than some of the other "it" bags out there. Since there are only a few retailers who sell Balenciaga, it seems like those retailers would be completely sold out, or at least close to it.
  13. I actually think that the spy and Fendi B-bag is out especually in Europe the B-bag has never been in. It sits on the shelves and nobody seems to want it.
    I think the Gaucho especially in the dark colours will be very "in" this year same goes for the Edith. I think that she's going to be THE bag this autumn. But that's just my opinion and guess.
  14. always "in":
    Hermes - all styles
    Bottega Venetta - most styles
    Chanel - classic flap
    Judith Leiber evening bags
    LV - mono, damier, epi, suhali

    passe IMO:
    Chloe - Paddy, Edith, Betty
    Chanel - Cambon, denim line
    LV - denim line, monogram charms collection, mono perf. collection
    Kooba - Sienna
    MJ - Bowler, Mia
  15. as said its only my own opinion.........I do like te bag, but to me, it cheapens the traditional birkin!

    as said jst my opinion