which bag??


Which bag do I choose

  1. Mc Speedy in Black

  2. Monogram Leonor

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  1. The Mc speedy or the Leonor and why??
  2. Speedy, the Leonor looks a bit weird in shape. If it's Speedy vs. Theda... that would be different :amuse:
    But for what occasions?
  3. I already have the mono theda ..... just not sure which to choose .. not for a particular occassion
  4. i put in my vote for the leonor!
    it's definitely more unique of the two. :smile:
  5. if you already have a unique mono bag-the theda, for this time i would choose the mc speedy. but you can't go wrong with either.
  6. speedy!! the lenor has too much leather on the bag itself........looks kinda like a tiger ,IMO
  7. I :heart: black MC!
  8. I vote for the MC Speedy. I just simply prefer the "overall design" of the MC Speedy rather than the Leonor.
  9. speeeeedy!
    i like the colors better, and leonor has not been a favorite of mine...kinda biased
  10. Black MC Speedy! It seems big, so you can fit alot in it!
  11. MC Speedy!!
  12. MC speedy because it's an incredible stunning and gorgeous bag :love:
  13. i'd get the Leonor for now just because it's already discontinued, and if you have a chance at it, then why not?
  14. Lenore. My dh wanted to buy this for my b-day and I turned it down. Now I regret not letting him buy me this bag.
  15. MC speedy cuz I'm biased :biggrin: