Which Bag

  1. you like to carry when you go on out of town trips?? TIA :p
  2. My backpack and bosphore
  3. the biggest one i have. LOL
  4. My BV!
  5. BH. Or when I go to LA I just use my sister's bags.
  6. when i went to Pittsburgh i brought my Monogram Carryall as luggage and my Damier Duomo, and when i went to Albany last weekend i brought my Popincourt Haut with my Carryall
  7. It used to be Cabas Alto but now it's Lockit Horizontal.
  8. It used to be Cabas Alto but now it's Lockit Horizontal.

    LVAddict...I'm thinking about buying the Lockit Horizontal. How do you like it? Any complaints? Also, it says it can be a shoulder or handheld...do you use it both ways. Thanks!
  9. marelle sac a dos backpack and speedy. carry as much as you want and the speedy can be a purse if you can leave your clothes and necessaries somewhere while on a trip.
  10. I have nothing negative to say about LH so far. I like it because it can be used as a shoulder as well as a handheld bag (I use it both ways). I find that the size is perfect to use as a carry-on. It fits everything you need in-flight, etc. I LOVE the shape as well. I would def. recommend it and rate it 5 out 5!:wlae:
  11. ....pochette and wapity, but those are the only 2 i have...i usually put my mom's camera in my wapity and put it in her speedy...
  12. Mono keepall 50 or sometimes if I have to check a case for a short trip I take my cabas mezzo as my carry-on.
  13. BH stacks a ton of stuff and has been my carry-on lately.
    Irene, stop talking about your Horizontal! It makes me want to break my Mono ban! :p
  14. :devil:
  15. Sorry for being off subject...
    Would you ladies prefer the BH or LH? I personally like the BH more because of the non-vachetta bottom however the big concern is the security of my belongings since its not a zipper closure which LH has.

    Pros and Cons bout BH or LH?