Which bag?

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  1. I know that they are completely different styles with different functions, but which bag do you prefer:

    The Carly bag (in leather)-the large size
    Legacy leather shoulder bag (the one with the pockets with the turnlocks)?

    Which bag do you think will be more useful and have some longevity?
  2. hmmm...both bags look like they could hold quite a-lot. The Carly looks a bit more useful, but i like the Legacy leather shoulder bag better.
  3. Legacy leather now....and in the spring maybe go for the Carly.
  4. leather carly...i use my bag so much that i barely break out the LVs. i use my carly for school, work, whatever...it's the perfect size, great shape and you will get much use out of it.
  5. I say go for the carly! I like the leather more than on the legacys. The scratching bugs me personally but I like the hobo style of the carly better.