Which bag

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  1. I have the Maggie Boxed Op Art and I just ordered the Peyton Inlaid Bag in Black. I need to take one of them back but I do not know which one, I am just looking for some help, such hard decisions to be made.
  2. I would take back the Maggie and keep the Peyton, but I think it just depends on which one you would use more. I got a Maggie and ended up not liking it because of the weight.
  3. The Maggie is more elegant but the Peyton is more Pratical..
  4. One strap on the Maggie keep falling off my shoulders. I am scared the maggie is going to get really dirty since it is cloth. The Peyton I do not know about the straps since they are chains but I hate to return it then regard it since it is sold out everywhere. I got lucky and called a local CS they provided me with other CS phone numbers out of state that had the bag.