Which bag....

  1. So, I'm feeling kinda of haggy today....low energy, not much sleep, dragging around in my pj's just...you know....just...blahhh.:yucky: (and really you don't even want to know what's going on with my hair)

    But I have to go to the market otherwise no-ones eating tonight. All I want to do is throw on a baggy pair of jeans, and old shirt or (horrors) sweatshirt and my Puma's and go.

    what bag do you grab when you're just not in the mood for anything and you can't even bear to put on lipstick.....

  2. If it were me, I'd grab my Kenneth Cole Reaction Dark Grey Nylon Messenger bag ... For some weird reasons, I only carry Hermes if I'm in an absolutely radiant and happy happy mood (doesn't happen often).
  3. speedy
  4. LV Speedy 30 or H Trim 31!

    Feel better, Shopmom! Just take out your amazing collection and line them up on the bed for a nice pick-me-up!
    If I had your bags, I'd take out Mizz Kelly. Trusty, not too fragile and your first Kelly bag. :smile:
  5. shopmom: I hope you feel your usual self soon!!! I totally know that haggy feeling. It's been so hot in socal that I was feeling :yucky: all weekend.
  6. Oh Shopmom...you'll hate me...:sad: but I love my Trim for all the moods I'm in. Just wear an Hermes bag and wrap a colorful scarf around you and that should cheer you up...maybe even a little.:shrugs:
  7. My first thought WAS the Speedy but hmmmmm....Mizz Kelly.......she hasn't been out to play lately, GT. Might be time....
  8. BTW...your outfit would look really "cool" with a Kelly!!
  9. like an "I don't care" look...
  10. Do it do it!! Grab Miss Kelly!
  11. I generally just grab my bag and go - and hope that the "bag" makes this "hag" look better lol!!! (not implying you look bad of course lol!)....I just feel my Hermes bags make everything look better!! However, the other night we went to a nearby racetrack and I definitely did not let my Hermes girls see that place! It was a Longchamp nylon evening...
  12. GO MIZZ KELLY! GO!!! Who needs lipstick when you have a fabulous bag like that anyway!
  13. Mizz Kelly!!! She would cheer me up in a second. :yes: When I feel blah I carry my dark purple Coach satchel. Something about the purple suede makes me feel a little more lively. :lol:
  14. Ok...HAC goes back into the closet and Mizz Kelly goes out to the market! Thanks Gals....my spirits are rising already.

    ...just going through stress trying to close the sale of mom's house in Vegas. What a pain!!!!!!
  15. Hang in there D, that is so stressful, especially long-distance. Take Mizz Kelly out and get yourself a treat. :flowers: