Which bag?

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  1. Ok so I know I said I'm on a ban, especially since Ali was on the chopping block but luckily everything worked out AND I have some extra $$ just begging to be spent on some coach lol.

    Now...I was pretty set that I was getting the tattersall satchel BUT then I saw Ranskimmee's post with the tattersall wallet and pink Madeline and I'm thinking I have to have her. Even DH said "that's a nice bag" (he thinks the tattersall looks funny and he likes Madelines bow LOL He'd probably kill me if he ever found out I'm telling you all!).

    Now I pretty much know what the answer will be but which bag? I'm thinking the madeline has longer staying power and I'm only loving leather bags lately. I'll probably wait till PCE or see if maybe my local Macy's has any during friends & family (because then she'll cost close to what the satchel costs w/o a discount. Is it sad that my husband no longer bats an eye at the cost of these bags? I said "she's $428" and he said "that's not bad" LMAO).

    Anyone have any modeling pictures of the pink Madeline they wouldn't mind posting (I'm going to go search for some too).

  2. I pick Madeline. It's classy and cute! (not that the tattersall is any less cute or classy:P)

    I just love leather.
  3. I would choose leather over the coated canvas too. Like Kimmie did, a tattersall accessory with the Madeline would be just perfect!
  4. Leather Madeline hands down! The pink/magenta is absolutely stunning, beautiful, TDF!
  5. madeline!!!
  6. LOL!! Thanks for the sweet compliments. And of course you know what my suggestion is going to be!

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  7. I would get the madeline! Its just such a beautiful bag!
  8. another vote for madeline here...and she's not even a favorite of mine.
  9. I saw a red large Madeline at the Primm, NV outlet and I didn't pick it up to see what the price was but just to let you know they could be showing up at outlets maybe unless that was a return.
  10. No contest - leather Madeline - that's a really classic (and classy) bag - you'll use it for a long time while the Tattersall is cute, but very trendy.
  11. Madeline,no doubt about it.
  12. I'm not a huge fan of the madeline style because I always felt it was plain and too structured for my tastes, but I have come to like it much better after seeing them for a while! My eyes ALWAYS fall to this beautiful magenta color!! Sometimes the color alone will change the whole look and feel of a particular style bag, and I think colors like magenta and geranium do this quite nicely for this bag. I think the magenta one is just GORGEOUS, and leather is absolutely TDF!! I vote for a good piece of leather ANY day over fabric or coated canvas, so yes, the bag is much nicer than the tattersall!! The tattersall is more of a "fun" trendy bag, and I'm definitely going to be ordering that one shortly (maybe today). However, my first choice is always leather, and I think the Madeline definitely has staying power and will serve you well for a long time to come!!