Which bag!

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Which bag?

  1. Gucci Tote

  2. LV Montergueil

  3. LV Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Its my birthday coming up and i want to get a bag instead of some kind of gadget which wont last long!

    Its between
    Gucci Joy tote in pink ( £285)

    Louis Vuitton montergueil PM ( not sure of price yet)


    Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

  2. I like the Speedy best in design, but I voted for the Gucci as totes are always very practical.
  3. speedy...absolutly...a classic and an amazing bag!
  4. I say go for the Louis Vuitton montergueil PM, I love my speedy but its better to be hands free!
  5. Mmmm... I like the Gucci. I can picture that baby on my shoulder :rolleyes:
  6. I LOVE the Louis Vuitton montergueil PM. I actually just got one last week and it is now my favorite bag. I think the shape is classic and its a shoulder bag!!!
  7. I like the tote!
  8. Im leaning towards the monty! but it depends how much it is!
  9. I voted for #3
  10. ^I am thinking that the retail is $735 USD.
  11. I like the Montorgueil.
  12. i vote for the montergueil...
  13. I vote for the Gucci. Its really cute.
  14. I love the Gucci. I'm not a fan of LV. Get the one that amkes your heart flutter!!
  15. I want to say something positive so I would pick the gucci because it has some color. Sorry I am not a fan of monograms but pick the one you like best.