Which bag

  1. Hello Ladies -

    I'm not a purse girl at all and specially expensive purses, the only one I have is a black guess that I paid 80 for :smile: well My questions is and this is going to sound ackward but has anyone watched Superman Returns? Well the girl (actress ) I do not know her name has a Jimmy CHoo handbag I believe, cuz I saw the purple plate on the inside, unless there is another type bag that has this kinda plates, anyways I really like it, I'am so sorry for this question but I have been looking all over the internet and this forum and I have not seen it. The purse she has is the one she drops in the floor when Superman wants to talk to her in the "office" ... lol... this is so funny me postig this, anyways if someones knows what im talking about (i doubt it) please let me know.
  2. Is this the bag? I haven't seen the movie, but did find some still images.

  3. I'am sorry I cannot see the picture
  4. YES!!!:yahoo: is that one. Is it a Jimmy CHoo bag?
  5. I do not believe it is a Choo bag. Anyone else ever see a Choo bag with that hardware and pattern?
  6. I'm hardly an expert but that doesn't look Choo circa 2006 to me either.

    Talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack! :search: Good luck though, it's been done before! I'd copy the above photo and post on one of the general forums to see if anyone recognizes the bag, you may be pleasantly surprised! :tup:
  7. Doesn't look familiar to me either.
  8. I guess somehow is good news because if it was a Jimmy Choo probably was really expensive. It is weir because it does have the same purple plate in the inside, I could not see if it said Jimmy Choo though. I will post the picture in the general forum.

    Thank you everyone
  9. :smile: