which bag??

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  1. Neverfull GM or Lockit Horizontal ;)
  2. Lockit ;) I like the neverful as well but the lockit is just prettier..!
  3. I second that. The Lockit is just so pretty with that extra:smile:
  4. LH, definitely! It's absolutely gorgeous!
  5. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull- I say go for the Lockit Horizontal.
  6. Definitely Lockit Horizontal!

    I'm just not a fan of the Neverfull's handles.
  7. The lockit is just more sophisticated and elegant in my opinion, but the neverfull is an anytime anywhere kinda bag.

    I would tend towards the lockit if you have a dressier workplace and I just like it better.
  8. Neverful GM is a tad too big, i'll go for lockit horizontal ;)
  9. lockit
  10. Lockit Horizontal gets my vote between the two.
  11. LH all the way!!!
  12. LOCKIT :tup:
  13. lockit much classier looking ... I only like the neverfull GM for travel since it huge.
  14. What will you be using the bag for? They are two very different bags. I'd get the lockit if you want a more sophisticated, structured look, but the Neverfull GM if you want something more loose and casual. It also fits A LOT so I use it for school!
  15. Another vote for lockit - its so classy, holds a ton, can be handheld or on shoulder, and zips shut for security...