which bag??

  1. well...it's about that time again...the time for me to start thinking about getting a new bag :smile:

    so...which bag should i get? i have narrowed it down to these top 3:

    1) the rebecca minkoff matinee. my most recent purchase was a morning after, but after seeing the matinee, i really fell in love. i would only get this bag in grey.
    Price: $655

    2) the marc by marc jacobs dr. Q Groovee. I saw this bag in a marc by marc jacobs store this summer and thought it was gorgeous.
    price: $498

    3) the monogram speedy 30...problem with this is i have always been sooo against monograms because i think they are almost always faked...but for some reason this bag has been on my mind a lot lately. i think i am drawn to the fact that it is such a classic.
    price: $620

    4) the damier speedy 30. yes i know this sounds stupid, but i saw Lo on the hills wearing it and thought it looked adorable. again...ive never been a huge fan of the checkers...but for some reason i have been thinking about this a lot too.
    price: $620

    so...what do you girls think? :confused1:
    rmink2000319211_347x683f.jpg p11423519_ph_althero_Nice_Tan.jpg p10022844_ph_hero.jpg p11238866_ph_hero.jpg
  2. First of all, are you a fan of hand held bags? or do you prefer underarm? if you are not fan of held bags then just cross out the Speedys. If you are very comfortable using underarm,then go with the first two. to be more specific, I would choose,then it would be #1.
    I like both Damier/checkers and monogram,but since you were little prejudice about the monogram previously,you might want to go with the Damier.
    hope it helps
  3. Tough choice! It's between 3 and 4....haha, I'm no help! I can tell you that the Speedys are very roomy (I have the monogram canvas), so if you need a spacious bag, Speedys are a good choice. The Marc by Marc Jacobs style is cute, and I like that it has a strap, but I'm digging the color too much.
  4. I like the RM and MbMJ...but then again, I like leather bags so I am a bit biased.
  5. I vote for the RM matinee except that as much as I love grey,I'm afraid it might be too trendy.JMO...:yes:
  6. I really like the Mby MJ! I love the color and the fact that it has a strap.
    Let us know what you decide!
  7. I vote Matinee!
  8. I like the two leather ones...don't like logo bags....see too many fakes in San Diego and don't like hand held bags...even if I want to hold in hand sometimes I have to have the option of putting on shoulder to free my hands
  9. I vote for the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag! I just recently bought this bag and I absolutely love it!
  10. If you prefer trendy bags the first two would be best (of those two I vote for MJ). But if you'd rather have a classic the latter two are best, esp. the monogram. However the LVs will be around for years and years to come so you could wait to buy one of those later if you wanted.
    So it's which would you rather have now - the classic bag you could wait on or the trendy one?

    I hoped that helped more than confuse you! But whatever bag you pick you can't go wrong, they're all gorgeous. :smile:
  11. I really like the Rebecca Minkoffor the MJ.

    If you don't like monogram, then don't get the LV...even though I LOVE mine...lots of space and always a classic!

    let us know what you decide! Good Luck!
  12. thanks girls :smile: i appreciate all your comments! right now i am leaning torwards the MJ....and i really think you are right that the LVs will be around forever so i can just wait to decide if i really do want one of those.
  13. damier speedy gets my vote. I have been using mine everyday since purchasing. I love this bag.
  14. #2 gets my vote!:tup:
  15. I like the MJ the best, but the Monogram Speedy is probably the most classic.