Which bag?

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  1. Help, I am new to Chloe & just ordered my first - a Paddington (tan) with pocket on the front. It came in, and is too big for me. I am sending it back to NM. Should I get the regular (without pocket) or baby? Is the baby too small for day?
  2. you should go and try some different sizes/shapes on if you can. I think that the regular paddy is a little smaller than the pocket, or at least it looks that way on me. I am the opposite, i like the pocket b/c it looks better on my shoulder.
  3. Hi and welcome:biggrin:

    I agree with Kahk3000. If you can, you should try out the diff sizes and shapes on yourself. Some shapes may suit some ppl better, not just the sizes. But to give u an indication of the relative sizes of Paddys, here's a pic. I think it was our dear ETenebris who posted this pic in an earlier thread:amuse:.
  4. The baby Paddy is good for day if you don't have big files to carry and what have you. I use it when I go to the office and it fits up to a book, PDA, phone, wallet, coin purse, keys, fountain pen, lipstick, mascara, pen, transport pass and office keys/passes.

    But it's really a question of what you want to carry. If you're able, go try out the different sizes and see which one you like best. Take your usual "load" and ask if you can try to fit it all in the bag (my SA let me do that the first time and it really helped my choice)
  5. Whoa I mustve missed this picture/thread. That's a very helpful pic! The Edith looks smaller than I thought. Thanks for posting Kahk3000 & ETenebris :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for the advise & the pics. I really like the way the Edith looks. Maybe because it is thinner. Decisions, decisions........
  7. I see I need to do another with the baby Paddy (if I can find one). There was an updated version somewhere that had a gold box Paddy, too. It is much smaller if you like the box shape...NM has it in choco and Styledrops.com has it in whiskey. Nice "in between" size (between Paddy and baby). And if you don't like it, it would probably sell on the Marketplace in a heartbeat. Hmm....maybe I should get one.
  8. ET, LOL. NO Noo... The box is cute though, I must admit;)
  9. Ah, I found the pic with the box paddy. Knew I saved it in my files somewhere for reference, hehe. A pic that includes the baby paddy would be good too!
  10. Thanks for the pic. I'm mailing back the pocket paddy (tan) tomorrow. The nearest store for me to look in person is dallas, and it's 2 hrs. away so I ordered the med. whiskey paddy by phone tonight. If I don't like it, I'll drive & take it back. They have a waiting list of 70 for the Edith.
  11. KathyD, I think you'll really like, if not LOVE the regular Paddy! Personally, I like that size:smile: And you've done well with the whiskey colour. Very rich and versatile. When will you be receiving yours? Ooh can't wait for your pics!!
  12. Hooray! Post pics when you get it!
  13. You made a great decision. I like the sachel the best!
  14. I like the sachel.
  15. hi guys; i'm totally uneducated about paddys, but starting to love them more and more..
    i'd like to start thinking about my first paddy =).
    I like the look/design of the regular paddy, but need a big bag..

    i think i've seen a satchel version of it, or a hobo, etc?
    what are the different sizes the regular paddy comes in?

    sorry for asking such obvious and basic questions.. if someone knows a good info-guide site, i'd love to check it out too.