Which bag? YSL Lou Camera in black or Gucci Marmont in nude?

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  1. I'm looking for something timeless and love both. I like the YSL slightly better but I've heard the leather isn't as nice as the Gucci. I could also wear the Gucci year-round due to the dark nude color (not a fan of the light pink that the YSL comes in). Also not sure if the Gucci is too trendy right now and will look dated in a few years. Getting both isn't an option unfortunately. Help!

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  2. I’m following this because I am looking for such a bag as well! I am considering between both these bags in black. Did you decide on a bag yet? :smile:
  3. I am also dying for the marmont in nude! It is such a unique, year round color and goes with absolutely everything. The YSL looks more classic to me, but I don't think it is as exciting. I haven't pulled the trigger on the Gucci since I'm also worried it may look dated.. I'm not a huge fan of the chain detailing on the strap, but I can't get it out of my mind due to the lovely color!
  4. Gucci Marmont gets my vote!
  5. I’m also deciding on these bags too! There seems to be very little reviews and info on the YSL Lou camera bag.. I am leaning towards YSL but would love to hear more reviews on it.
  6. I was also deciding on these bags (both in black though), and ended up going with the YSL. It is a gorgeous, and classic bag. IMHO, I found the chevron on the Marmont to be a little too busy (if that makes any sense), and the gold GG’s were just a little too “much” for me.

    Just realized that this post is from January, so you’ve probably made your decision by now! Hope that whichever bag you chose is making you happy!
  7. +1
  8. I like the YSL better and definitely agree with the above that the pattern is more appealing as it's less busy than the marmont.

    Curious to see which one you chose :smile:
  9. I am having the same debate but In black!
  10. If you haven’t yet, it’s a good time to buy the YSL:
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