Which bag would you take if you could only take one?

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  1. We're headed "back east" for @ 3 weeks. I am packing the boxes to ship out today, and it just hit me: I can only take one Hermes with me. I am torn between my 37 Bolide in gris tortourelle clemence, or my 35 Birkin in natural VL. Both have palladium hw. I will be going in to Manhattan only once or twice--hair, H visit, lunch with a cousin. The rest of the time will be in the PA suburbs and Philadelphia doing mostly kid stuff, with the exception of a few very informal dates with DH. I will be using one of my "travel purses" for the plane trip...Botkier, Balenciaga...

    Please vote on this most serious issue! :rolleyes:
  2. I vote for shoulder strap. And then you can maybe buy another birkin when in the city. Yes, take the bolide and buy a birkin. problem solved.
  3. I would vote for the Bolide as well :smile:

    and loren's advice :tup:
  4. oh well you could also use your Bolide as a travel bag and take the birkin:smile: and ofcourse buying another H. is always an option :smile:
  5. Oh, I plan to buy another something! Maybe a Victoria, maybe a Lindy, maybe a JPG, maybe another Birkin... thanks girls!!

    I don't want to take the bolide on the plane with DH and both boys--I am the keeper of all the snacks, pens, phones, etc... my travel bags get real abuse!
  6. I understand:smile: though I travelled with the bolide and 2 kids and the bag came out like nothing ever happened... Clemence is soo easy... but understand why not to... well take the Bolide and buy yourself something really really nice:yes:
  7. Pack and Bring the Birkin!

    Buy the Victoria Fourre Tout 35cm or Massai
  8. Bolide!
  9. I vote for the Bolide as the shoulder strap can come in handy when needed.
  10. I vote the bolide! (especially for Philly/Pa...it would be perfect)
  11. Bolide is more practical for your trip. Happy H hunting!
  12. Bolide. It has a shoulder strap and the leather is more forgiving.
  13. Voting Birkin...just because that is my fav!
  14. That is brilliant!:nuts:
  15. i vote for the bolide.. so easy to carry around..