Which bag would you take as a carry-on during flight?

  1. I am heading to Hawaii and am not sure which bag to pack as a carry-on on the airplane. I am thinking to bring only one LV since I am getting more in Hawaii... Please help me pick one to take along. Here are the choices: :confused1:

    1. BH
    2. Saleya PM
    3. Gucci Peggy Shoulder Bag
    4. Damier Speedy 25
    5. Azur Speedy 25
    6. Messenger style LeSportsac

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think the Saleya is appropiate.
  3. 1 and 6. Have fun in Hawaii! Which island are you visiting?
  4. saleya!!
  5. I am visiting the island of Oahu for the first time and will be shopping at LV boutiques there! :p
  6. I pick the Saleya as well. Or the BH.

    When I went to FL, I took my Petit Noe as a carry-on in a Kuromi tote bag so I wouldn't have to think about messing up the vachetta bottom.
  7. Thanks! I think a shoulder bag is a safe bet... Should I pack a speedy in the suitcase, just in case? ;)
  8. i'd go with either BH or saleya
  9. I would take the saleya or the damier speedy. I don't like to stow my bags in the overhead and I think the saleya or the speedy will fit underneath the seat in front. They are also less prone to getting dirty.:yes:
  10. How fun!!! You should get on the waitlist for the Damier Sophie while you're there!!! Have a great time!!! The shops are open late, so you can shop to your heart's content!!

    You might want to bring and extra piece of luggage for all of the stuff that you're going to buy at LV!!! :yes:
  11. i'll like to use the saleya PM if i were you. =) its spacious, and i have no vachetta to worry about, meaning i can place it on the floort with no worries.
  12. My saleya PM is acutally in Azur, not Ebony. Sorry for the confusion. I was trying to fit all my stuff in Azur Saleya PM and unfortunately the bag is too small. I can't fit my two reading books in the bag. :sad:
  13. My Saleya PM goes on nearly all airplane trips with me and rocks the house!! that's my vote.

    I would strongly recommend taking a bag with a zip top so you don't have things falling out in security or in the overhead bins or under your seat. Plus, as mentioned earlier, the damier doesn't show any dings or dirt.

    I now see your Saleya is azur, but you should still be OK with keeping it clean...really i think the zip top in a carry on bag is a priority.
  14. Thank you Pursegrrl. :yes:
  15. ^^ you betcha! Have an amazing trip...aloha and happy shopping!