Which bag would you say started the 'it' craze?

  1. The Chanel Classic or the Fendi baguette or the LV mongogram or the mulitcolore or GuccI?

    I mean I have seen LV, Chanel and Gucci knockoffs of the streets of NYC for the past 20 years but the craze has gotten worse I think since Sex in the City.
  2. :heart: Chanel:heart:
  3. I don't know if this "started" the craze of LV but I think the Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds really helped it out with her getting the MC Speedy 30 and matching wallet for Christmas that season. :yes:
  4. I'm not sure what really started the craze...But what started it when I first noticed it, was Jessica Simpson's MC Speedy.

    That's the first time I can remember even hearing of Louis Vuitton...I think...I don't remember, lol
  5. I think SATC had a lot to do with the bag craze...even 5 years ago, most bags were under $1000....now it is almost unheard of to find one "it" bag in that price range!
  6. I think of the Fendi Baguette as the first bag that brought my attention to 'it' bags, although I already owned LV, but to me LV mono was just always there season after season
  7. There have always been expensive bags bought by the elite but I think the it bag craze wasn't started by one "amazing" bag but by the media and fashion industry. Even 3 or 4 years ago if you flicked thorugh a glossy mag none of the models in the ads had a bag and you didn't see them as much on the catwalk. Nowadays every model in most ads are toting a huge very prominent bag and they regularly go down the catwalk clutching them. With the fashion business cottoning on to the huge profits and sales in luxury bags (even those of us who not size zero's can buy them!) have created the phenomenon of the "it" bag in the last decade.
  8. i think chanel started it, i dont really love the stuff but i gottsta pay homage to my girl coco! lol it was the first fashion company to have a monogram (double cc's) so it therfore started the whole association with the brand which leads to 'it' things and therefore bags
  9. i think chanel too... and then the LV monogram
  10. I only noticed the evolution of the IT bags beginning from the Fendi Baguette.
  11. :confused1: Are you sure LV or Goyard didn;t have a monogram first?
  12. I have to agree - the Fendi Baguette started It Bags as the trend we know it today. Then LV Murakami collection - then the Chloe Paddington.
  13. I agree on the SATC thing. :yes:
  14. purselova as i said im not 100% becuase monograms weren't invented the day the house opens they took years of establishment, so it may have been lv but i know it was chanel wiht the huge impact of the double cc's that had people jump on the bandwagon
  15. Chanel, or SATC