Which bag would YOU run 13.1 miles for?

  1. I'm a fairly new runner training for my first half marathon right now, and I'm thinking the perfect way to reward myself for distance races (marathons and halfs) would be with a new Coach bag!

    My race is on April 29th, and I thought about my options during my run this evening. Decisions, decisions...

    So which one would you run 13.1 miles for? :wlae:
  2. Gimme the Ostrich legacy satchel please with a matching zoe clutch in Ostrich inside!
  3. Great idea! I ran my first HM last November and it was great! A few weeks before the race I bought myself the Legacy Leather Satchel and I consider it my 3rd baby :p
    I wasn't going to use it till I ran my race but I totally caved. I still finished the race in 2:06 and hope to do another one this year! Good luck!
  4. i would run 13.1 mi for just 5min in the store to take as much as i can!
  5. The Legacy satchel ( signature or all-leather)!!! I love both and I can't decide which one to splurge on!!! Help!
  6. Good luck with your half marathon! I did one of those years ago...still love to brag about it. I would love to do another, but they are kind of hard to find. Anyway, I would run one just for a trip to pick something up at the outlet! I don't look at current styles too much. I would rather wait it out and save money.
  7. OMG, if I could get a bag for every 13.1 miles I ran, I'd be a size 2 and might actually be able to stick to a workout plan!!
    Ok, in all seriousness, I vote legacy shoulder or ergo tote:yes:
  8. That was gonna be my exact answer!
  9. I'm a 27-year veteran marathoner, and you should just get whatever you want!!!
  10. Wow, all of you runners I am in complete awe of! I'm just starting to run and it's such tough work! Any tips for a beginner runner?

    As purses go... I love the legacy striped slim tote!
  11. My sister runs these all the time and I seriously do not know how she does it! I loathe running so I have to find other ways to get my exercise in-but that's just me. For 13.1 miles I'd go for the gold (well, my gold ;) ) so either a large Soho flap or the Chambray Carly.

    Heck for 13.1 miles, I deserve both!
  12. I was going to say that too after I found it on eBay. :yes:
  13. Wow! Congrats on just being able to do that! I can't run to save my life, so I'm always impressed by those who can.

    I also second the notions for the legacy leather satchel. Or a Mandy courier! Good luck and way to go!
  14. I can't run either, so congratulations on your achievement!:yes:

    How about something in the Legacy Line? A Mandy? A Satchel?:graucho:
  15. Wheee...other runners!!

    Karenmae, there are a lot of programs out there that will get you from being completely inactive to being able to run for about 20-30 minutes at a stretch in about 9 weeks. Are you doing one of those? Just do a search for "Couch to 5k" and you should come up with several. There's even one that has podcasts to tell you when to run, when to take a walk break, etc. - that's the one I did, and it worked out great! I don't know if I'm allowed to post the links here, though.

    Best advice I got, though? Go VERY, VERY SLOWLY. Go even slower than you think you should. I'm embarassed at how slow I am, but hey...I'm getting it done...eventually! :sweatdrop:

    Just to keep things on topic: I'm thinking I'll want something in white for spring - now I just need to figure out which bag!