Which bag would you rather have in brown??

  1. A diamond stitch tote (hoping it will come back in brown for fall/winter) OR an outdoor ligne flap?? TIA
  2. my vote goes for the diamond stitch! i like that ligne a tad more than the outdoor.
  3. Diamond stitch..HANDS DOWN!
  4. Diamond stitch :yes:
  5. Diamond Stitch!
  6. diamond!!!!!!!!
  7. Diamond Stitch!
  8. outdoor Ligne that hobo style
    so perfect in brown! or they should come up with, for fall, a super jumbo classic flap in caviar (14 inches long instead of 12", 10 inches high) in dark chocolate brown omg, can you picture it????
  9. I'm a tote gal :biggrin:
  10. Love the diamond stitch in brown :yes:
  11. even though i have the hobo, if i had seen the tote, i would've gone for the tote, again, toronto has a very pathetic selection
  12. i would rather have the diamond stitch. it is absolutely a gorgeous bag in brown.
  13. yes, diamond stitch!
  14. Another vote for the diamond stitch!
  15. I say diamond stitch.