Which bag would you pick?

  1. Greetings all! I'm fairly new to MJ. I recently purchased a topaz non-patent Elise from the Resort 06 collection at my Saks. I got it at their first cut sale for only $734! I was pretty excited until...............

    I saw the Julianne in that reddish shade and got to thinkin'. What would be a better choice in the long run? I know they're two COMPLETELY different colors but I wouldn't have a problem matching any color with my clothes. The rub is that I can only afford one:tdown:.

    So to all you MJ experts, which one would you choose? :confused1:
  2. Wow, that's a hard choice! I have blush patent elise and I love it!! Especially blush is one of my fave colors but I also love topaz too :p

    I recently saw Julianne and I love it! It is really difficult cause both of them are a very feminine bags. They are equally gorgeous. I think Julianne is more of a shoulder bag and I know it's very hypocritical of me for saying this but I would go for Julianne though I don't think I will ever trade my elise :push:
  3. Oh, and I adore Jim Halpert! :blush:
  4. i am not a fan of the julianne; too much going on with the quilting and the gathering of the material.

    elise topaz was my next bag to purchase, but i found a topaz stam. and i think the topaz is more functional throughout the entire year.
  5. I think the Elise will stay more classic than the Julianne bag since it's from his classic soft calf line.

    The Julianne is definitely beautiful though, a unique bag that he may never make again. I can see why it's hard to say no to a red quilted bag! For practicality reasons, I would go with the Julianne since I don't normally like satchels.
  6. I am biased toward the Elise. I've always loved this bag and think its classy, chic, timeless. Good luck deciding!
  7. OMG! You guys are making it so hard! I wish I could get both! Seems like I could wear the Elise more throughout the year vs. the darker bordeaux color..:confused1:

    Decisions, decisions...I just hate to pass up such a good deal I got on the Elise! I might ponder and think about it some more!

    chloe.clementine - Isn't JH the greatest? My DH always gives me "the disgruntled look" when I'm foaming at the mouth watching him on The Office. :roflmfao:
  8. I vote for the Julianne, it just seems to have more of a dramatic look that can make any outfit look amazing.
  9. I vote for Elise. She's a great bag--I have 3!
  10. Seriously guys...this is nuts! It's literally half and half! Argh! lol......hhmm, maybe I can sell my blood to afford the second bag and just get both so I won't have to decide! :p:roflmfao:
  11. Stick with the Elise. It's a gorgeous bag.
  12. Another vote for Elise!
  13. I'm saying Elise, too! I love how ladylike it looks and topaz is a gorgeous color!

    ...I have to say that I'm intrigued by the red too, though!
  14. ^^that's my problem....A part of me is drawn to the ladylike structure of the Elise but I gotta tell ya, the handheld thing is starting to wear on me. I think that's why the Julianne was looking good b/c it's a shoulder bag.
  15. Hmm, I think it sounds like you may already have the beginnings of a decision here! The whole exclusively a "hand" bag thing will only get worse, in my opinion. I like to be able to swing a bag onto my shoulder, too. Maybe in the future you can get an elise.

    At the same time, I've yet to see a topaz elise IRL! Are they rare creatures now? I have however, seen quite a few juliannes. I don't know, I would be having the same problem as you. I'm not much help, haha!