Which bag would you let go??

  1. I've been very bad, and bought way too many Chanel bags. It's mostly this forum's fault:supacool:

    Anyways, I'm thinking about letting one of my Chanel go(I'm actually in a process of getting rid of LV Retro and maybe other LV bag...). I have (1) Coco Cabas in Black Leather (2)Classic Flap East-west in Lipstick Red in my mind. If you have to pick one to get rid of, which one would you pick??

    For your info. I have
    -Classic Flap in black cloth material
    -double flap bag in patent navy leather
    -Luxe Bowler in Bronze color
    -MM Tote in Brown Suede
    -MC Flap in White<still debating to keep or not>
    -Lady Braid in Violet coming on Wednesday, which I've never seen
  2. i guess, you would let go of the one you don't use the most.
  3. OOh a E-W in lipstick red?! I'm dying to see that beauty!

    And yes, the one that gets the least use would be my suggestion too!
  4. My least used are usu my favourites, so I would vote for your most used.
  5. i saw the lady braid in the violet this past weekend. i don't know why, but i prefer the violet in the flap shape.
    the lady braid is also strictly handheld, so i would let go of that one.
  6. Oh, really?? That makes me feel good, if it's strictly handheld, then I don't think I can get much use out of it. I'll still wait and see, but I might not have to let go of either of bags if I don't like Lady Braid!
  7. ^yes, the way the straps are set up, there is no way to wear the bag on the shoulder. you could probably wear it in the crook of the arm though the bag is on the larger side for that.
    i love the shape of the bag though!
  8. Thank you! Did you see Violet Lady Braid in flap?
  9. I would get rid of a bag that you could replace later on if you missed it. Or something that you know you just won't use. I haven't seen too many E-W in lipstick red. That sounds very pretty!

    If you truly love the Coco Cabas, then I would keep that one. But.....it is definitely a trendy bag.....will you still love it 5 or 10 years from now? The EW is more classic and I think something you can enjoy forever. I would try to sleep on it....think about which one you would miss the most if you didn't have it. On the other hand, The Coco Cabas would be hard/if not impossible to buy again since they are difficult to find now...
  10. You should sell this one to me "double flap bag in patent navy leather".:lol:
  11. wintotty, no, but i wish i did! i really want to check out the lady braid flap in person.

    lol, smoothoprter!! it does sound nice, doesn't it? :graucho:
  12. Definitely keep the classic e/w flap in red. Those are limited colors and the flap is a classic bag to use forever. I would choose the purple Lady Braid or Cabas to go if one has to go. I think your new white MC flap is gorgeous but understand your hesitation around white.
  13. Yea, I would keep the e-w classic flap in lipstick red (which is a color that is quite sought after!!) out of those two. plus, you dont have a red chanel if you get rid of it!

    mMm you have a marvelous collection!!
  14. I know this will not help you, but I would keep all of them!!! They ARE all great purses! I know I would regret it if I ever sold anyone of my purses esp if they were classic/timeless Chanel! But if you really want/need to get rid of one, wait for the lady braid in violet to come in, then try all of your Chanel purses on again, see which one looks best, which one not so great, then get rid of the one that doesn't look that great!! Although, I'm sure they ALL look FABULOUS on you!!!:graucho: :wlae: :love:
  15. My pick would be the MM Tote in Brown Suede, mostly because I'm just not partial to suede bags. However, like the other ladies have said, if you have to let go of one, make it the one you use the least (and hopefully won't miss as much!). :smile: