Which Bag Would You Keep?

  1. Hi! I would like eveyone's opinion. I hurt my back in December and lost alot of time from work. I am alittle behind in my bills and must sell one of my bags. I am deciding between the denim speedy or the multicolor speedy, both of them which I love equally. If it was you, and you had to sell one of them, which one would it be? Thank You!:sad:
  2. I would keep the Mc speedy.
  3. Sell the Denim speedy.:yes:
  4. keep the mc :biggrin:
  5. Keep the MC!
  6. I would sell the denim speedy also.
  7. I would keep the MC Speedy ;)
  8. Yep, I would sell the denim and keep the MC...
  9. Thank you everyone! I will keep the MC speedy!
  10. If you are going to eBay it make sure you read the eBay section on this forum to protect yourself from shady people there.
  11. I would sell the denim, keep the MC.
  12. Sorry for your injury! Hope you feel better and catch up on your bills. Sell the denim one!
  13. Definitely the MC for me. Hope you're feeling better! :flowers:
  14. Sell the denim.
  15. sell the denim