Which bag would you keep: Elgin or Bayswater?

  1. Hi!
    I have decided that I do not need two bigger bags so I will part with one of them.

    Would you keep the Bayswater in Chocolate or the Elgin in Black?

    I have some troubles deciding on which one to keep and I am also really tempted in buying an Annie instead.

    Please help me.
  2. I love the look of the Baywater, so I would keep that one...personally
  3. I would keep both the Bayswater and the Elgin and wouldn't buy the Annie :lol: The Annie probably weighs the same as the Elgin but you can carry much more in the Elgin.

    I guess, at a push, I'd probably get rid of the Bayswater as you'll always be able to buy another one in the future if you change your mind. If Mulberry discontinues the Elgin, it might be harder to get hold of.

  4. You a mind reader or something??!!! That is pretty much what I was going to say!!!:tup:
  5. What an absolutely horrible dilemna to be faced with! I would use the Bayswater as my local handbag, and use the Elgin as a travel tote since it goes over the shoulder. See...now you NEED both!
  6. TropicalGal! Where have you been? We haven't heard from you for a while.
  7. Personally I'd keep the bayswater!
  8. Bayswater gets my vote!
  9. Voting for Bayswater! Maybe keep them both and put one aside for a while?:yes:
  10. I think you "need" both.:yes: I would keep the bayswater if I had to choose
  11. I am really going to put the cat among the pigeons now,I could'nt bear to be parted from my Elgin,he's a super useful size,is getting the most amazing gloss and patina.Sits the shoulder so well,does'nt keep sliding off like my Roxy.

    I also have a pink bays,could'nt part with her either,if you can keep both.Its nice to have a choice of bags,I rotate mine quite a bit,except Pinky,she's in storage and strictly for summer.But look to getting an Annie eventually in a different color to what you have now,then you'll have a bags that work with all your clothes,instead of one bag that only goes with some.Saves a bomb in buying new clothes,so you'll be able to afford an Annie at a later date!!

    Ps,I have no idea why I refer to my Elgin as a 'him',and all the others are 'her' or 'she'.No idea at all,maybe that can start a debate!!!!
  12. I was going to say keep the Bayswater, but then what Ditab said about them discontinuing the Elgin makes sense. So I guess what I'd suggest now is keeping the Elgin, because if they are going to be hard to find in the future this may be the best time to pick one up.

  13. I think I would run with that too,I could'nt let Pinky go though as shes an unusual color,but if she was oak,black or choc,I'd think very differently.The Elgin is such a classic,be a shame to never be able to replace it,and the Bays looks set to run and run.
  14. I would not let any of them go! :wtf:
    I get the most use out of my Elgin by far, because it is more comfortable to carry because of the longer straps, but I absolutely love my Bayswater too! Even if I don't use it as much I can't see myself parting with it anytime soon!
    Would probably keep the Elgin if you really insist on parting with one of them...
  15. i also have both and would def keep the bayswater as i think it looks really good oin the arm if that makes sense. I think you should keep both and buy the annie!!!!Yeay