Which bag would you invest in ?!

  1. celine
  2. Chanel!!! I have 5 of my mom's Chanel's from the nineties and people always compliment them. It's very classic!
  3. Wow, I'm very lucky to own all 3 and I'm actually gonna go against the grain on this one and say go for the PS1. I adore that bag so much. The Celine Luggage is amazing but it can get a bit tedious since it's quite big for an arm wearing bag only...unless you are looking at the shoulder version? It is quite a stunner though.

    When it comes to the Chanel bag, everyone and their mother has the classic flap. I don't even like to wear mine too much anymore because it looks like such a cliche'. Especially in my area where I live. Kids as young as 13 have one around here and sometimes I feel it cheapens the "specialness" it once had. I dunno, I guess I am just over the style, but I totally understand how someone who never had the bag would want it.

    But out of all 3, the PS1 is my favorite at this moment. I love it so much that I bought 2 in less than a year and I'm planning to buy a 3rd soon.
  4. Definitely Louis Vuitton . Sell it on eBay if you get tired.
  5. Chanel! I love Chanel sooo much
  6. chanel and hermes. they sells fast and high anytime you don't want em anymore :smile:
  7. Chanel indeed.. :heart:
  8. I am looking for something similar, I will definitely be following this thread!
  9. Okay, chanel is very obvious cause it's practically every woman's dream. It's almost a necessity lol!

    Other than the obvious, I'd invest in Celine or Balenciaga

    If I'm allowed to dream though, it'd be lovely to own Hermes Kelly/Birkin :p
  10. Another vote for Chanel.
  11. Chanel or celine
  12. Ohh that's a tough one!
    Though I own both brands..And love them so much.. I think for a first I'd go with Chanel.. Just because it is just a classic staple in any fashion obsessed woman's closet!
    Celine on the other hand also has a very clean & classic aesthetic to it. I mean this is the reason why I love my Celine luggage... I know it's the "it" bag of right now.. But I got mine way before it was such a craze! & surprisingly I still love it everytime I use it!
    BUTT!!! :biggrin: I will always & forever be a Chanel worshiper! (Just like my mama :biggrin: )
  13. Chanel, in a heartbeat!! :smile:
  14. 1. Chanel 2. Céline 3. PS1
  15. :yes: