Which bag would you invest in ?!

  1. So I'm faced with a tough choice.....
    which bag, out of the the three, would you choose to spend your money on ??!!

    celine luggage tote

    Chanel quilted leather shoulder bag

    proenza schouler PS1

    thnks !! X
  2. which chanel ? can you post pic?
  3. I would buy a Chanel since its more timeless.. But I do not consider bags to be "investments." have never made a profit in reselling my bags, even Chanel :sad:
  4. I would invest in a Chanel as well because it will never go out of style!
  5. The Chanel--it's timeless. I have a vintage one that I love so much.
  6. +1
  7. Chanel - if you ever tire of it and decide to sell, Chanel is the most likely to sell
  8. Chanel.
  9. What do you mean by "invest"? If you mean purely from a monetary perspective, none of the bags will be good investments because they won't grow in value. But if you mean you will carry it for many years to come, therefore money well spent etc, then Chanel would be my choice out of the 3.
  10. Chanel...
  11. I'd go with the Chanel or Celine, whichever you like more. PS is having lots of QC issues as of late, so I'd be leery to 'invest' my money there.
  12. Chanel
  13. Chanel for me as it is forever... can be a work bag or dinner bag... if it is a 227.:loveeyes: But of course cavier rather than lambskin.
  14. Chanel :woohoo:
  15. Chanel :smile: they're timeless vintage bags that are versatile with the girly spark to it! :heart: