Which bag would you indulge in?

  1. Curiousity poll: Lets say you had $1,500 to spend on a Louis. Which one would you get and why?

    I would either get the manhattan pm or the BH and something else. :tup:
  2. Manhattan PM here. It's next on my wish list... Or I'd save up some more for the Mirage (if I could get one) or Suhali lockit PM....
  3. Ohhh, that's a hard one.
    I'd get...as much as I can! :p
    But right now I most want my Speedy for my first LV..that's all I want!
  4. i'll add another $300 and get the mirage speedy. hehe
  5. That's a good first choice. :yes: What size are you thinking about?
  6. idd get the manhatten pm too.
  7. Def. a manhattan pm. It's lovely.
  8. I would get the new Tivoli! The Manhattan would have been it, but I just got one (sorry, still so excited!!!)
  9. Denim Baggy PM
    I love it and its being discontinued
  10. I would also get the manhattan PM.
  11. I would get either the MC Aurelia MM or the MC Trouville.
  12. I would get the Damier Speedy and Zippy wallet.
  13. Hmm..the blue Denim Cabby or the Amarante Reade PM and Cles.
  14. I would get the (blue) Denim Cabby or the Denim baggy. :yes:
  15. Well it doesn't use up all the money but the next bag I would really like is the Saumur or Reporter.. I don't know why I just like the bulky-ness to them :biggrin: