Which bag would you guys consider to be the dressier bag

  1. Via Spiga - in black

    Andrea Brueckner - Large Saddle Bag

  2. The second one.
  3. i agree, the 2nd one definitely.
  4. The second one - but having said that, I use the Brueckner black saddle for very casual use.
  5. #2
  6. I think the 2nd bag is dressier (looks like a BV)!
  7. AB for me too. Don't know if the fist one would look dressier if the picture were actually balck.
  8. 2/TWO.....niccceee bag :smile: ...I like!
  9. another vote for AB as far as dressy goes
  10. The latter is definitely dressier.
  11. Ehh... The AB bag tends to look very casual... when I think dressier bag... I think it should be a little more structured? I dunno.

    I own an AB bag and love it... so go for the AB.
  12. I think the simpler the bag, the dressier it can look depending on what it's worn with. Of the two bags, the AB could definitely look dressier IMO.
  13. The Andrea Brueckner. Very classy :biggrin:
  14. 2nd.
  15. No. 2, without a doubt.