Which bag would you get?

  1. My husband and I are going to Vegas in july and he said he would get me a Coach bag, if its between $500 and $600 so as soon as he said this, I was on Coach.com browsing like crazy and narrowed things down and would like your opinions such as pros cons or whatever :smile: thanks in adnvance
    2156_SBKBK_d2.jpg 10620_BKHGD-1_d2.jpg 10765_BKHMA-1_d2.jpg 10795_B4CH-1_d2.jpg 10858_BKHMC-1_d2.jpg
  2. I love the Carly in any color, hands down!:yes:
  3. Thats what Im really leaning towards, and they look roomy which is always a plus
  4. I would go with the gold Carly.
  5. I'd would go with either one of those Carlys!!
  6. Another vote for the gold Carly!
  7. Definitely go for a Carly -- super pretty!
  8. Another vote for Ms. Carly! She's a knockout in any color! :yes:
  9. :dothewave:CARLY!!:dothewave:
  10. I like the Carly! :yes:
  11. The Carly of course....and then you'd have a little money left over for some accesories....
  12. I vote for a Carly and I don't even have one! It's definitely a style I'm lusting over, especially after seeing 2 people carrying them yesterday!
  13. CARLY!! I have the Medium Gold and I LOVE HER!!
    You know, I had never seen anyone carrying a Carly until two days ago...I saw TWO in one day!: one Large Carly with the blue trim (but it had smaller Cs - like regular Signature Pattern Size...do you think it was a FAKE???). At the SAME STORE I saw someone else carrying MY same Medium Gold Carly. Tooo weird! :yes: I love mine though!!! I've gotten many compliments on her! Would LOVE to have a large someday - to hold EVERYTHING!!!
    COngrats on your new bag!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!
  14. Carly, I have the large gold/khaki and LOVE her

    i know you wanted some cons so here they are:

    the multistripe looks a bit tacky IMO, i never liked it (up there with pack work bags). plus its not nearly as versatile.

    i am not a fan of the edges on that ergo, i think the carly edges are classier.

    if you are getting a tote, spend the extra few hundred to get the classier and prettier one rather than getting the sholder tote, this way you can use it more often.
  15. Maybe take a visit to one of the two outlets in the LV area -- you might find that you can get a purse AND a matching wallet or TWO bags for that price :smile: