Which bag would you choose?

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Which bag would you choose?

  1. Montaigne BB

  2. Fascinante

  3. Cabas PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Apr 4, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2014
    Which bag would you choose? I don't have many stuff to hold. :smile:
  2. Are you looking for a clutch, tote, etc?

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  3. I use my favorite mm on the weekends when I don't want to carry a big bag. Love the cross body option. 😃😃😃
  4. Been trying to decide between the eva and favorite. Definitely need a crossbody option.

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  5. Or a speedy 25 would suit you well if you don't have many things to carry.

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  6. It can be clutch or tote. The problem is between Montaigne BB and Fascinante is only $100 to $200 difference. Montaigne BB is canvas and Fascinante is full leather. It's quite expensive to pay for the price of Montaigne BB (a canvas material).
  7. Speedy is no no for me as I prefer structure bag. Recently, I just bought the favourite MM. I have too many monogram canvas bags.

  8. I vote for the fascinante... 3 ways to carry and Empreinte is beautiful. The montaigne bb is cute too, but if you feel like you have enough mono canvas, go with fascinante.
  9. I'd get the Fascinante. It's a beautiful bag and the Empreinte leather is just amazing. Good luck deciding.