Which bag would you choose?


Which bag would you choose?

  1. MC Eliza

  2. Mono Tulum PM

  3. Damier Saleya PM

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  1. When I go to LV on the weekend, I will be looking more closely at these three bags, but I'd love to get everyone's opinions on which you would choose. I may not even end up with any of the three, who knows!!

    MC Eliza


    Mono Tulum PM


    Damier Saleya PM

  2. I'm in love with the shape of the Tulum
  3. I love the Damier Saleya PM. So pretty!
  4. Saleya !! (bit Biased because it's on my wish list)
    Eliza is too small, I don't really like the shape of tulum on me. May be you want to try Hudson PM. I ended up with Hudson PM after trying tulum,tikal,lodge and eliza before hand.
  5. I think the Saleya is such a beautiful shape.
  6. I am biased too because I own the Saleya PM, but I love it so much. I would definitely pick it again over those other two. Wait til you see it in person!

    And I usually say this to those who ask which bag to choose: it really depends on what YOU want, and you'll know as soon as you see them all in person.
  7. I'd get the saleya !
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I have a Tulum GM, so you know I have to love the Tulum!
  10. Tough decision, but I love the Tulum.
  11. I like the Damier Saleya best out of the three. The Damier canvas looks so good in the Saleya style. It's a really nice everyday bag.
  12. The Saleya is an awesome bag, I would get it in a heartbeat if I had the $.
  13. I really like the Eliza, but I already have the white Lodge PM so I voted for the Saleya :girlsigh:
  14. That is very true! I haven't looked at any of them closely in person yet, so I'm sure once I do that my decision will become much easier.

    Thanks everyone for your input!
  15. I just voted for the Saleya PM.. I tried it on in the store and it's really nice!