Which bag would you choose?

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Which would you pick to take on vacation?

  1. Chanel Cambon medium tote

  2. Dior medium gaucho

  3. Chloe paddington

  4. LV Damier speedy 30

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi guys! I need your help in picking a bag to bring with me on vacation. Keep in mind that I am bringing my large black Prada backpack to use for the beach and Disneyland ... I just want a nice bag to take shopping or seeing the attractions.

    Choice 1: Chanel Cambon medium tote
    Pros - nice summery color, can be worn on shoulder
    Cons - color gets dirty easy, sort of boring since everyone might have it due to the sale

    Choice 2: Dior medium gaucho
    Pros - color hides dirt, very easy bag to carry, can be worn on shoulder
    Cons - hard to match to clothes

    Choice 3: Chloe paddington
    Pros - love this color for summer, can be worn on shoulder
    Cons - color gets dirty easy, heavy

    Choice 4: LV damier speedy 30
    Pros - very durable, easy to maintain, folds for packing
    Cons - hand held

    Pls tell me what you think! Sorry for being such a dork but I'm really indecisive.
  2. I choose the gaucho. I think when you are up and about, you need your hands free.
  3. I don't think you would want one that would get dirty easily and with carrying luggage, etc., you might need a shoulder bag (hands free) so I would bick the Dior by elimination.
  4. I would take the Cambon tote but it easily gets dirty so I vote for the Gaucho.
  5. I'd go with the Gaucho.
  6. Another vote for the Gaucho
  7. silly me..:noggin: when i saw the pic i almost jumped into the thread shouting go for the paddy!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: <<i thought you were saying which one to get!!! <<forgot i saw ur paddy in your showcase!!! so daaah u own that already!! :wlae:

    looooooool @ me!!
    ahem..!! mmmm the gaucho dear!! and whatever u do leave that paddy:love: home alone dear!! :wondering: we dont want her to get dirty! :wtf:
    the gaucho although i agree color is hard to match.. yet u'll be so glad you took it cause it is the VERY most comfortable of all what u've mentioned..
    wish u a great vacation dear :flowers:
  8. Thanks to everyone who have voted so far!:flowers:

    I find so funny that most have picked the gaucho ... it's the one bag that I would have to redo my entire wardrobe for. I was planning to bring my gold ballet flats and my matte gold platforms, now I'll have to rethink what I'm going to wear since the hardware on the gaucho is silver-tone. Or does that matter?
  9. holidays : need hands free bag... i vote for gaucho
  10. doesn't matter! I choose gaucho
  11. I chose the Chanel, well it's summer after all....
  12. i'd go with the damier speedy
  13. I think that the Chanel would be a nice choice, especially if you don't need to rethink your wardrobe with this choice!
  14. I would pick the Chanel too, it seems so summery and a nice functional tote for shopping trips.
  15. Chanel it's classic