which bag would you choose?

  1. Given the choice, would you prefer:

    LV Suhali black le fab


    Chanel black cerf

    I'm looking for a gorgeous black bag for work, something that's classic but somewhat roomy and can be worn with dress clothes but also casually. I've identified these two bags as potential contenders...


  2. While you are in the Chanel forum...so what is the choice? I am thinking about the black cerf for myself, such a work appropriate tote.
  3. Although I'm usually in the LV forum, I'm gonna have to choose the CERF - much more classy, classic, and timeless IMO. I just can't get into the Le-anythings.
  4. Well I don't think the Suhali Le Fab. will be great for work -I had it and sold it, its gorgeous but it felt too stiff like I was carrying a "small" luggage. So my vote goes to the Black Cerf, it can fit more and the leather is softer and yummy:tup::smile:
  5. um ur in the chanel forum! haha black cerf, or GST! both are handy and can be business-like or dressed down. IMO these two are way less flashy than le fab (with all the studs on le fab is it really professional you know?, but only IMO)
  6. One consideration is price. The LV Suhali Le Fab is approx. twice the price of the Chanel Cerf. But if price is not an issue, then my choice is the Le Fab. I am both a Chanel and an LV lover, but my main love is Chanel. And yet I still prefer the Le Fab. I'm hoping to buy this bag in Black or Verone later this year. The Cerf is a great, classic bag (and is a good value Chanel-wise), but the Le Fab is more of a wow, statement piece.
  7. o gosh... I'm going to be the *BAD* Chanel Forum-er, and say... if I had to choose between the two: LE FAB :push: LOL

    I just think it can be dressed up a little better than the Cerf. I like the Cerf, but for me it's a more understated Chanel. Personally though, I don't know if I could dress it up for a night out. (Although I'm sure there are a LOT of fashionable PF-ers who could do it very well! I know I couldn't pull it off). Maybe I've unfairly discriminated against the Cerf, because I always told myself it was more of a work bag.

    ...and I actually like the flashy/blingy-ness of the Le Fab. I think it's a great looking bag for something of it's size. -But the price! :wtf: -I think that's the only thing that's held me be back from getting it

    But since everyone's been pointing out the pros and cons of each... maybe you can compromise and get a GST? It's got a bit of the flash from the chainlink hardware, can be dressed up, but still functional enough for work and everyday casual wear.
  8. KMSNYC - think u can post the pics side by side?
  9. Cerf!
  10. :drool:Since this is the Chanel forum.... cerf.
  11. chanel black cerf....very lovely bag!
  12. between those two...i much prefer the Le Fab!:yes:
  13. le fab is gorgeous
    but just keep in mind it is very heavy (even without anything in it) and does not conform to your body
    cerf seems better for an everyday office bag and is once again, as everyone else has said, timeless
  14. If you also want to use it outside of work, I'd go w/Le Fab :yes: the hardware details is glam enough for dressing up :yes: Do try both bags to see which one you like the most.
  15. I am in love with Chanel now.. but if i really have to choose between the cert and the Le fab.. i would still say go for the Le Fab.. its more dressy with the gold stubs...